Requirements for plant tissue culture

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Requirements for Plant Tissue Culture:

Requirements for Plant Tissue Culture Mrs. Rani Ashok Asst. Prof. of Zoology Lady Doak College Madurai Email:



Autoclave - Principle:

Autoclave - Principle

Laminar Air Flow:

Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flow - Principle:

Laminar Air Flow - Principle

Working in a Preparatory Room:

Working in a Preparatory Room

Culture room:

Culture room

Culture Rack with light and timer:

Culture Rack with light and timer



Tissue cutting procedure:

Tissue cutting procedure

Surgical Scalpel:

Surgical Scalpel

Conical flask:

Conical flask

Jam bottles:

Jam bottles

Growth chamber:

Growth chamber

Vaccum Pump Filter:

Vaccum Pump Filter

Vaccum Pump Filter:

Vaccum Pump Filter

Pipettes & Pipetteman:

Pipettes & Pipetteman

Culture Medium:

Culture Medium

Weighing Balance:

Weighing Balance

Double Distilled water:

Double Distilled water

PowerPoint Presentation:

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