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Information and Communication Technology Tools for English Language Teaching. This presentation was part of a webinar conducted for teachers who wanted to discuss this topic. Before the webinar the teachers sent in their questions and during the webinar their questions were discussed. Further discussion is going on at Google Wave. http://www.askrangoo.com has the login details for Google Wave Online Classes for teachers.


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ICT Tools For ELT : 

ICT Tools For ELT Dr. Ranganayaki Srinivas

ICT Tools For ELT : 

ICT Tools For ELT Information & Communication Technology English Language Teaching The technology based tools that teachers can use to help students gather information about English and facilitate their language acquisition through communication.

PC & Internet Tools : 

PC & Internet Tools HotPotatoes

Interactive Communication Tools : 

Interactive Communication Tools Blogs – weblogs, vlogs, podcasts, squidoo, hub pages with RSS feeds Social Networking, Micro blogs – Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon Video Sites – YouTube, TeacherTube, eHow, HowCast

Google Fight : 

Google Fight Not a Google site Draws data from Google search results Check usage differences http://www.googlefight.com

Google Tools : 

Google Tools Gmail, Google Buzz – Create a Profile Gmail Audio/Video Chat, Google Talk Google Maps, Google Search Google Sites, Google Lesson Plans Google Docs, Google Presentation Google Video, YouTube Google Wave http://www.google.com/educators http://www.google.com/educators/6_12.html

Your Questions: ELT : 

Your Questions: ELT How to effectively use ICT for ESL Learners Latest development in the filed of ELT Use of CALL and MALL for distance learners in the classroom Use of Language Labs in the ESL Classroom What should be the exact teaching adopted by the teacher so that the class should be very effective ? ( as I’m a teacher but after having effective material student's gestures make me conscious and I feel like something is lacking in my class)

Interactive Exercises : 

Interactive Exercises Sample Interactive Exercise Using PPT Interactive Exercises Using Hotpotato

Your Questions: Web 2.0 & ELT : 

Your Questions: Web 2.0 & ELT Web 2.0 for ELT Would like to know more about web 2.0 tools. How web 2.0 tool is useful and how to use it? What is the relevance of web 2.0 version, and its teaching relevance?

Web 2.0 Definition : 

Web 2.0 Definition Web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Examples of Web 2.0 Web-based communities, hosted services, web applications, social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, mashups, and folksonomies. A Web 2.0 site allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content,

Web 2.0 & ELT : 

Web 2.0 & ELT Interaction & Communication Integrated Use of Skills Peer Editing, Peer Feedback Personal Involvement Real Life Communication Going Beyond Examination Training For Real Life Professional Needs

How To Use Blogging : 

How To Use Blogging Divide the class into groups. Each group is in charge of one blog. Each group is in charge of one syllabus topic. They present the topic in an interesting manner using a blog or Google Site. Groups read other group blogs and post comments. The best blogging group gets a reward.

Your Questions: Google Wave : 

Your Questions: Google Wave What is Google Wave? How can it be useful in Languge teaching? How much time should be spent on computer-based instruction compared with teacher directed instruction in kids ELT. How can teaching be made more effective in mixed ability English language classes?

How To Use Google Wave : 

How To Use Google Wave Divide the class into groups. Each group starts a new wave. Each group is responsible for one syllabus topic. Other groups post questions, feedback and comments. The waves are embedded in blogs or Google Sites.

Google Wave : 

Google Wave More ideas at http://wave.google.com http://go.askrangoo.com/teachers Teacher Group http://www.askrangoo.com

Your Questions: ESP : 

Your Questions: ESP How language teaching can effectively be done to the student of the Engineering colleges ? I am presently working on ESP and would like you to give me basic tips for teaching English to students opting for jobs in Aviation and related hospitality sector.How could teaching of English could be made effective for these students keeping in mind the Indian context.

ESP : 

ESP Select a Technical Passages similar to the main subject of the students and base all language activities around that text. Think of the contexts where these students need to use English in their career and give them practice in such exchanges. http://www.amazon.com/How-Make-ESP-Work-You/dp/0449212025

Slide 18: 

Fuzzy controllers are used to control consumer products, such as washing machines. video cameras, and rice cookers, as well as industrial processes, such as cement kilns, underground trains, and robots. Fuzzy control is a control method based on fuzzy logic. Just as fuzzy logic can be described simply as ’’computing with words rather than numbers’’, fuzzy control can be described simply as ’’control with sentences rather than equations’’. A fuzzy controller can include empirical rules, and that is especially useful in operator controlled plants. Take for instance a typical fuzzy controller 1. If error is Neg and change in error is Neg then output is NB 2. If error is Neg and change in error is Zero then output is NM (1) The objective here is to identify and explain the various design choices for engineers. In a rule based controller the control strategy is stored in a more or less natural language.

Slide 19: 

Air traffic control (ATC) involves communication with aircraft to help maintain separation — that is, they ensure that aircraft are sufficiently far enough apart horizontally or vertically for no risk of collision. Controllers may co-ordinate position reports provided by pilots, or in high traffic areas they may use radar to see aircraft positions. Four different types of ATC: - center controllers, who control aircraft en route between airports control towers (including tower, ground control, clearance delivery, and other services), which control aircraft within a small distance oceanic controllers, who control aircraft over international waters between continents, generally without radar service. - terminal controllers, who control aircraft in a wider area (typically 50–80 km) around busy airports.

ESP Skill Development : 

ESP Skill Development Basic Language Skills Advanced Skills Related To Profession Keep these questions in mind and prepare LSRW GR VOC Tasks What type of language they need to listen to? Who will they need to talk to? What kind of conversational exchanges they need to be prepared for? What kind of technical texts they need to read? What kind of technical reports they need to prepare?

Ongoing Professional Development : 

Ongoing Professional Development Your Questions: How to use internet to learn ? How to ensure proper continuous professional development in the changed educational scenario?

Learner Network : 

Learner Network Join my aardvark network http://vark.com/s/KBSg Ask Questions Answer Questions

Teacher Network : 

Teacher Network Participate In Google Waves For Teachers Ask Questions & Share Experiences

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