10 Most Inspiring Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2019


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Rangoli is an art and creating it with perfection is necessary.


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Source​:https://auspiciousrangolidesigns.blogspot.com/  10 Most Inspiring and Colourful Rangoli Designs               for Diwali 2019   Diwali is the most famous festival and is celebrated all over the                         world. On this day we light our homes with diyas colourful                       lights and the best part is Rangoli.   It is the tradition in our India to create ​colourful rangoli designs                         on Diwali as it adds more charm beauty and colours to the                         festival.  Rangoli is drawn at the entrance of the house or in pooja room                           and it is believed that it signifies the welcoming of Goddess                       Laxmi and guests inside the house.   Rangoli is an art and creating it with perfection is necessary.                       Therefore to stand  out from the rest of the crowd here I offer you a list of the most                                 inspiring and    colourful Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2019:    1 Rangoli Design with Diyas and Vibrant Colours

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Light up your home this Diwali with this Rangoli. As Diwali is the                           festival ​of lights  use diyas and vibrant colours to make your Rangoli beautiful                     which brings true  festive vibes.    2 Elegant Rangoli Design with Flowers

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Give your Rangoli a flower shape with this gorgeous Rangoli.                     Use different  flowers which gives freshness to your surroundings ​and ​a                   unique look to your  Rangoli.    3 Floral Rangoli Design for Diwali

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On this Diwali let your creativity flow with this stunning and                       Floral Rangoli.  First draw any shape of your choice or you can take mine also.  Then ​collect different flower petals and spread in your Rangoli.  4 Peacock Rangoli for Diwali

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This is the perfect Rangoli Design for Diwali 2019. Draw Peacock                       using ​different  charming colours like green red blue and yellow and also lit                       diyas which gives  more attractive look to your Rangoli.  5 Rangoli Design with Coloured Rice and Husk

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A traditional and easy rangoli design for Diwali which reminds                     us to look back to our old times where Rangolis were drawn                         with these materials. ​Use coloured rice and wheat husk in your                       Rangoli and complete it with a diya in centre. You can also use                           different decorative items like stones small mirrors etc.    6 Colourful Rangoli Design for Diwali with Holi Colours

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Give your Rangoli a different look and make it colourful and                       inspiring with  different colours of Holi. Coloured Rangoli Powder can also be                     used in this  Rangoli to make it more attractive.   7 Amazing and Simple Rangoli Design with Dots

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This Rangoli Design is very easy to make with dots yet looks                         amazing.​It brings  natural beauty to your rangoli with less efforts. Diyas made with                       dots are more  appealing in this Rangoli.    8 Graceful Rangoli Design with Kundan

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To add more grace to your Rangoli on Diwali you can also go for                             this beautiful  design ​of Rangoli for Diwali. Use different colours of kundan and                       make your  Rangoli a traditional one.  9 Rangoli with Green Leaves Banana and Mehendi Cones

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Rangoli is an art so we should be creative. Make this floor art                           with green leaves  mehendi cones banana and bangles. It is truly a different and                       an easy Rangoli  design for Diwali.  10 Circular Rangoli with outline Designs

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This is the simplest way of making colourful and circular design                       where ​we draw  circles with different colours. You can use paper cone moulds to                       fill the colours  accurately and then make outline designs to make it unique.    So there are lots of ways to make your Rangoli inspiring and                         colourful.  On this Diwali 2019 which Rangoli Design you are going to                       choose from  the list let me know in the comments below.

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