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Sir I need vedio presentation on Tissues of class IX CBSe

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Class Topics : 

Class Topics Histology Epithelial tissue Keep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger until you have accomplished a purpose - not the one you began with perhaps, but one you’ll be glad to remember Anne Sullivan To assess knowledge of preliminary information and begin learning about histology 9/21/2009 Page: 1 Monday, September 21, 2009 11:47 AM Title: Histology Honors HAP Objectives:

Epithelial Tissue : 

Epithelial Tissue Simple squamous Simple cuboidal Simple columnar Stratified squamous Stratified cuboidal Pseudostratified columnar Transitional 9/21/2009 Page: 2 http://trc.ucdavis.edu/mjguinan/apc100/modules/TermsCells&Tissues/_topics.html

Simple Squamous : 

Simple Squamous Flattened cells all cells have a free surfaces and are attached to basement membrane Usually lining blood vessels, air sacs of lungs 9/21/2009 Page: 3 http://trc.ucdavis.edu/mjguinan/apc100/modules/TermsCells&Tissues/ epithelial/simplesquamous/simplesquamous.html

Stratified Squamous : 

Stratified Squamous Multiple layers of cells Resist wear and tear Categorized by shape of surface cells Top layer are flat (Squamous) Esophagus, oral cavity Outer layer of skin Keratinized 9/21/2009 Page: 4

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9/21/2009 Page: 5

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9/21/2009 Page: 6

Simple Cuboidal : 

Simple Cuboidal Single layer of cube-shaped cells Many times will have cilia or microvilli Found in tubes or ducts kidneys, liver, and many glands 9/21/2009 Page: 7

Slide 8: 

9/21/2009 Page: 8

Simple Columnar : 

Simple Columnar Elongated cylindrical cells nucleus near the bottom (basement membrane) Found in wall of uterus, small intestine may contain microvilli 9/21/2009 Page: 9

Slide 10: 

9/21/2009 Page: 10

Pseudostratified Columnar : 

Pseudostratified Columnar Looks layered, really not all cells anchored to basement membrane Cell shape not uniform nucleus placement not uniform If cilia are present Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium Found in respiratory tract 9/21/2009 Page: 11

Slide 12: 

9/21/2009 Page: 12

Glandular Epithelium : 

Glandular Epithelium Secretion of a product goblet cells found in PSCC and columnar epithelium secrete mucus Glands endocrine - inside the body exocrine - outside the body 9/21/2009 Page: 13

Connective Tissue : 

Connective Tissue Keeps other tissues in place Protein fibers found in C.T. 1. Collagen thick - resists stretching (tensile strength) Tendons and ligaments, scar tissue 10% of human’s weight 9/21/2009 Page: 14

Connective Tissue : 

Connective Tissue 2. Elastin Elasticity and Extensibility can stretch and return to original shape skin 3. Reticulin very thin not prominent 9/21/2009 Page: 15

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