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Meaning :

Meaning According to Keith Davis : human relations is an area of management practice which is concerned with the integration of people into a work situation in a way that motivates them to work productively , cooperatively & with economic , psychological & social satisfaction.

Characteristics of HR:

Characteristics of HR Integrative process through which the goals of the organization & the interests of the people working in it are harmonized. The basic objective of the human relations is to ensure that both employee satisfaction & company productivity are simultaneously achieved.

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Human relations is an interdisciplinary field. It involves use of knowledge from sociology , psychology , anthropology & other sciences for the study of human behavior. Human relations is an action oriented approach to build human cooperation towards organizational goals .


Contd… It is an action oriented approach to build human cooperation towards organizational goals .it seeks to make employees both happy & productive. Scope of human relation is wide .

Advantage of HR:

Advantage of HR Higher performance Optimum use of resources Moral justification Understanding of human factor

Approaches of HR:

Approaches of HR Negative Approach Natural Approach Positive Approach

Negative Approach:

Negative Approach According to this people by nature are lazy & self centered . They can never be trusted into day’s work unless closely supervised. therefore this approach suggests that people need to be pushed & controlled regularly.

Natural Approach:

Natural Approach According to it people are adaptable i.e behavior is not result of human nature but it is through experience Different types of situation requires different type of behavior from people Therefore management should create & maintain a proper match between people & their settings.

Positive Approach:

Positive Approach According to this approach people strive for personal & social well being. They can be fully trusted to put in a good day’s work. They work sincerely without supervision provided they get intrinsic satisfaction with their job. there it is the task of management to see that the job of every employee is challenging. this approach requires democratic leadership & participative decision making.

Essentials of HR:

Essentials of HR Importance of person Recognition of differences among individuals Common interest Develop favorable conditions Encourage collective efforts Recognize inter- relationships


Contd… Human needs Recognition of work Workers participation in management Proper leadership & commmunication

Criticism of HR:

Criticism of HR Invalid Anti individualistic Short sighted Conflict Group decision making Overconcern with happiness

Main components of HR:

Main components of HR Work Work group Leader Work environment

Problems in HR:

Problems in HR Conflict between individual & organisation Individual differences Interpersonal conflicts Incongruence between roles

Techniques of HR:

Techniques of HR Integration Employee participation Congenial work environment Open communication Adaptive leadership Resolving conflicts Conditioning behaviour Personnel counselling

Principles of HR:

Principles of HR According to STAN KOSSEN : The six important words : “I admit I made a mistake” The five most important words: “You did a good job” The four important words: “what is your opinion”

Slide 18:

The three important words : “if you please” The two most important words: “thank you” The one most important word: “we” The least important word: “I”

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