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Jericho Beer:

Jericho Beer Brewed in the oldest city in the world

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Jericho Beer, is a virtual Brewery, Located in the oldest City in the World (Jericho City) There is one beer brewery in Palestine (Taybeh Beer) The addition of another brewery in a country that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually with multiple nationalities, and with implementing the right segmentation strategy we can capture reasonable market share from Taybeh Beer

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Type Of Beer Demographic Segmentation Jericho Light Females Jericho Lager Males Jericho Premium Spirit Drinkers Jericho Craft Passionate Drinkers Demographic Segmentation

Jericho Light:

Jericho Light Market Segment Females between the age of 21 and 40 Calorie Watchers Workout Frequently Strive for a good taste

Jericho Lager:

Jericho Lager Market Segment College Males Affordable for young men Wrap to attract sports games watchers

Jericho Premium:

Jericho Premium Market Segment Middle class males, age 30 to 50 Brand name seekers Willing to pay a premium price for quality Social Beer drinkers

Jericho Craft:

Jericho Craft Market Segment Males and females age 30 to 50 Don’t have brand loyalty for specific beer Willing to try different tastes Middle and upper class Social drinkers

Group # 3 Founders of Jericho Beer:

Group # 3 Founders of Jericho Beer Fadi Nammour Shadi Shaheen Ramzi Kandalaft

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