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Celebrities Fitness Secrets:

Celebrities Fitness Secrets

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Try exercising with a friend to add an enjoyable social element to your program. This will also help you keep to your fitness commitment as you will be letting the other parties down if you cancel. The key to sticking with an exercise program is choosing activities you enjoy, and there are many to choose from. Think back to a time when you were doing an activity that you thoroughly enjoyed, that you didn't really think of as "exercise". Or perhaps there's something that you've always wanted to try but have been too scared, "not slim enough" or too busy. Now's the time to take that chance. Make a list and try one to begin with.

Slim Secrets:

Slim Secrets Set your self achievable and realistic fitness goals. There is no point saying that you are going to run 5kms tomorrow when you are just starting out. You will either fail or be so sore the next day that it will put you off going again. However if you start with small changes and work your way up, you will have more chance of succeeding long term.

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Good Fitness Diet


Almond Almonds contain mostly monounsaturated fat, which is good for your heart and cholesterol levels. They are however calorie dense and can cause weight gain if you consume them in excess amounts.

Fitness Tips:

Fitness Tips If you keep track of something, you're more likely to be responsible about it. Keep an exercise log close by (possibly on the fridge), so that you can check off your workouts. That way if you miss a scheduled day, you can make it up at another time. Look for opportunities to move. Add workouts to your shopping sessions by parking your car as far from the store as possible, or even better walk to some of the shops. Try walking up the escalator instead of just standing on it.

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