DIY How To Install a Window AC

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In this document, you will find a 7 easy step Guide to install your window air conditioner by yourself in a quick time. So, go through it and feel free to ask if you have any query or want help in ac's installation. Phone: 615-440-9564 Site:


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DIY How To Install Window Air Conditioner:

DIY How To Install Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner Installation:

Window Air Conditioner Installation You have purchased a window air conditioner unit to cool your room or apartment. Now what? Time to install it! Luckily, it only takes a few minutes and you'll be feeling cool soon. Follow our step-by-step guide to make installation of your window AC as easy as possible. Before You Start Make sure you select a window close enough to an outlet. Most window AC's have power cords between 5 and 6 feet long. See what side of the AC the cord extends from, and choose an outlet the cord reaches. Also have your owner's manual out to follow along with the manufacturer's directions. 2


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Guide to Install Window AC:

Guide to Install W i ndow AC Here are the 7 simple steps to install a Window AC unit. 5

Step 1: Remove Your AC and Find the Center of Your Window :

Remove all the pieces from your AC box to confirm all the parts were sent. Measure the width of your window, and mark the center with a pencil. Marking the spot will make installation easier and ensure the side panels evenly reach both sides of your window. Step 1 : Remove Your AC and Find the Center of Your Window 6

Step 2: Open and Prepare Your Window :

Open your window. If a weather strip is provided from the manufacturer, install it now. These strips help block any air that may pass through tiny cracks and protects your window from possible damage when you're installing or removing of the AC. Step 2 : Open and Prepare Your Window 7

Step 3: Attach the Side Panels :

Slide the panels into the appropriate place on your unit. Slide them all the way in and then secure the adjustable panels into your window AC using provided screws. Connect all the screws to avoid any gaps—which can let warm air, allergens, and pollution into your home. Step 3 : Attach the Side Panels 8

Step 4: Insert Your AC in the Window :

Pick up your AC and center it in your window. Then tightly close your window on top of the AC; there should be a spot where the window easily slides into place. Most of the unit's weight will be outside, so be careful lifting it into place. Once you close the window, your AC should be securely in place. Step 4 : Insert Your AC in the Window 9

Step 5: Install L Brackets :

The hard part is done! Now you’re just securing everything and finishing up. Installations vary at this stage based on the manufacturer, but most models include at least one L bracket to hold the window securely in place. Screw the L bracket or brackets to the top of the opened window. This prevents the window from being pushed up, which is the main concern once window ACs are installed. Step 5 : Install L Brackets 10

Step 6: Attach Panels  :

If provided, add the window padding to the sides of your open window (top picture above). If no padding came with your model, just extend the side panels to reach your window (bottom picture above). Then attach both side panels to your window using the screws from your manufacturer. Step 6 : Attach Panels  11

Step 7: Secure Unit and Start Cooling  :

Select manufacturers provide brackets and screws that connect the AC to the interior window sill. This is an extra level of security, and some manufacturers don't find it necessary. But if they're provided, screw them in now.  You're done! Plug in and turn on your AC. You should immediately feel it cooling your room.  Step 7 : Secure Unit and Start Cooling  12


Note* Keep it in mind that these are general tips for installing a window AC, and your model may have slightly different directions. We hope you enjoy your new window AC. If you have any query about installation, feel free to call our air conditioner experts at 615-440-9564. . 13


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