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Dedicated to and Based on the Teachings of

Our beloved spiritual master : 

HDG A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Our beloved spiritual master

The age of Kali means… : 

The age of Kali means… MISMANAGENT & QUARREL

The Root Cause of all Mismanagement and Quarrel is ? : 

The Root Cause of all Mismanagement and Quarrel is ? Hurting the cow & Brahminical culture There by pushing all Society towards hell

TheBull,cow represents… ! : 

TheBull,cow represents… ! Bull is the emblem of the moral principle & Cow is the Representative of Earth.

About cow… : 

About cow… Mother cow is The Embodiment of 330 million Demigods…!

Joyfullness…. : 

Joyfullness…. When the Cow and the Bull are in a joyful mood, it is to be understood that the people of the world are also in a joyful mood.

Positionof Cow,Bull Now…. : 

Positionof Cow,Bull Now…. At the present moment in this age of Kali both the bull and the cow are being slaughtered and eaten up as Foodstuff by a class of men who do not know the Brahminical culture

Human civilization… : 

Human civilization… Human civilization means to advance The cause of brahminical culture, and to maintain it, Cow protection is essential.

The mlecchas, however, make plans to install slaughterhouses for killing bulls and cows along with other animals, thinking that they will prosper by increasing the number of factories and live on animal food without caring for performance of sacrifices and production of grains. But they must know that even for the animals they must produce grass and vegetables, otherwise the animals cannot live. And to produce grass for the animals, they require sufficient rains. Ref S.B.1.16.20 : 

The mlecchas, however, make plans to install slaughterhouses for killing bulls and cows along with other animals, thinking that they will prosper by increasing the number of factories and live on animal food without caring for performance of sacrifices and production of grains. But they must know that even for the animals they must produce grass and vegetables, otherwise the animals cannot live. And to produce grass for the animals, they require sufficient rains. Ref S.B.1.16.20

Vaishyas duty….. : 

Vaishyas duty….. Bona fide vaisyas, the mercantile community,are meant to deal in Agriculture, Cow protection and Trade, (Bg.18.44) But In the age of Kali,the degraded vaisyas, the mercantile men, are engaged in supplying cows to slaughterhouses.

The cow.. : 

The cow.. The cow is meant to deliver milk, and the bull is meant to produce grains. But in the age of Kali the cows and bulls, or the mothers and the fathers, unprotected by the vaisyas, are subjected to the slaughterhouses organized by the low class men

Seven mothers..! : 

The cow however is our Mother. Vedic philosophy teaches there Are seven mothers: 1) The birth mother 2) The wife of a brahmana 3) The spiritual master’s wife 4) The wife of the king 5) The earth 6) The nurse, and 7) The cow. . Seven mothers..!

Saints on Cow…. : 

Saints on Cow…. Killing a bull is equivalent to killing a cow. -Lord Jesus Christ Cow’s milk is tonic,its ghee is ambrosia & Its meat is disease. -Prophet Hazrat mohamed One cow in its life time can feed 4,10,440 people once a day While its meat is sufficient only for 80 people. -Swami Dayananda Saraswathi

Saints on cow… : 

Saints on cow… Till Cow’s are slaughtered ,no religious or social function can bring its fruit. -Devarah baba The pressure on cow sluaghter is the limit Of foolishness I have studied Both koran And bible,according to both of them to kill a cow Even indirectly is a great sin -Acharya Vinoba bhave We want to live in this world while being called as Religious then we have to protect cows with all our might -Sri Prabhudata brahmachari

Saints on cow prrotection…. : 

Saints on cow prrotection…. Shri Raghaveshwar Bharathi Swamiji Ramachandrapura Mutt,Hosnagar “The farmers aren’t aware of the significance and usefulness of the cow,that they can earn more money from the cows that don’t give milk than the cows that give milk. It is due to this Ignorance that they sell the non-milking cows to butchers.The day they understand it practically they will automatically stop selling them to butchers. It will be the most effective Way of protecting the cow,?.answer to all the problems the country is facing today is to return to the cow-centered way of life”

Saints on cow protection : 

Saints on cow protection H.H.Pejawar Swami Sri Vishveshteertha “The Villages and Cow symbolize The economic prosperity,so Cows should be declared the national animal? One of the reasons of growing Terrorism in the country is that we have tiger as The National animal. The tiger symbolizes terror?,While the cow symbolizes peace and prosperity,Therefore we Must declare the cow the national animal forthwith to restore peace and prosperity in the country.”

Saints on cow protection : 

Saints on cow protection Shankaracharya Vasudevanand Saraswati. Protection of the nation lies in protection of the cow and it should be the duty of all,great rishis and saints have said many times that till the blood of the cow will continue to fall on the earth,no religious activity will be fruitful

Leaders on Cow…. : 

Leaders on Cow…. Cow is the source of progress & prosperity,in many ways it is superior to one’s mother -Mahatma gandhi Kill me but spare the cow -Lokamanya tilak Since the cruel killing of cows and Other animal have commenced,Ihave anxiety for the future generation -Lala lajpat rai

Leaders on cow… : 

Leaders on cow… Cow protection is the eternal dharma of india -Dr.Rajendra prasad (Frmr Prez) Cow is the foundation of our economy -Giani zail singh (Frmr prez) The first section of indian constitution Should be on prohibition for cow sluaghter -Madan mohan malviya

Leaders on cow… : 

Leaders on cow… The offensive act of british rule towards cows will go down in the history as an abominable deed -Lord Lonlithgo Neither koran nor the arabian customs permit killing cow -Hakim Ajmal khan During the regime of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, if there was death sentence for any crime, it was for cow slaughter” -Former CBI Director Sardar Joginder Singh

Srila prabhupada says…. : 

Srila prabhupada says…. Lord Krsna,is the prime protector of Brahminical culture and the cow.Wit- hout Knowing and respecting these, One cannot realise the science of God, And without this knowledge,any welfare Activities or humanitarian Propaganda cannot be successful. .Ref S.B  4.21.38.Purport

You are killing….. : 

You are killing….. You are killing innocent cows and animals. Nature will take revenge. Wait for that. As soon as the time is ripe, the nature will gather all these men and club, slaughter them. Finished. They will fight amongst themselves, Russian and France, and France and Germany. This is going on. Why? This is the nature's law. Tit for tat. You have killed. Now you become killed. Amongst yourselves. Ref.Room Conversation,ParisJune 11, 1974

Statistics of cows….. : 

Statistics of cows…..

Current scenario of cow,ox… : 

Current scenario of cow,ox… In a country like Malaysia, 80 per cent of its beef imports requirement now in the form of buffalo meat purchased from India. Another market likely to register a pick-up is Egypt. In New Delhi, dairies are responsible for most of the 35,000 stray cattle who roam the streets. In an attempt to remove them from the city, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi is auctioning off these cows, but the source of the problem is the cruelty infested dairy industry. -peta Right now, there are 36,000 slaughterhouses, of which 10 are highly automated, where daily 250,000 animals are hacked.

Current scenario of cow,ox… : 

Current scenario of cow,ox… Alkabir (Hyderabad) alone is licensed to kill 600,000 a year, but Deonar (Mumbai) kills 120,000 cows and 60,000 buffalos. Calcutta located slaughterhouse kills 1,200,000 cows and buffalos per year.

Indian beef export…? : 

Indian beef export…?

Top ten world Beef producers… : 

Top ten world Beef producers…

Top ten beef exporters…. : 

Top ten beef exporters….

Beef Production by Country 2005-2009 : 

Beef Production by Country 2005-2009

World report : Beef exports by country : 

World report : Beef exports by country Source-FAS/USDA-United States Department of Agriculture

Indian law… : 

Indian law… India is the only country in world that provides in its Constitution for mercy and care of the animals. According to its laws, only those animals can be slain, which are older than 16 years of age, and are useless. However, now meat of young healthy buffalos between 4 months and one year is allowed for exports.

Economics of cow,ox… : 

Economics of cow,ox… Meat of one cow/buffalo is worth Rs. 20,000. However, the same animal may produce, in its 18 years of life span, goods (milk, butter, and manure) worth Rs. 300,000. Thus, the country has to suffer a loss of Rs. 280,000 for each animal slaughtered. We get foreign exchange for meat. However, we also pay foreign exchange for chemical fertilizers, manure, urea, milk powders, etc. which cost several times the price of meats. Then why export meat?

Govt support.. : 

Govt support.. The government encourages certain businesses-industries with financial supports. The government has announced 100% supports for opening new slaughterhouses, and the agriculture department has already approved several slaughterhouses. The Indian meat fetches only 40% of international prices. Then what is the meaning of supporting this industry? The government argues that if we don't kill the animals, their population will go on increasing. However, according to the same statistics, the number of animals per capita is rapidly decreasing.

Vegetarianism….. : 

Vegetarianism….. The world trend is towards vegetarianism. The developed countries are learning the dangers of meat-eating. Britain has not opened any new slaughterhouse since 1980, whereas the Indian government is opening new slaughterhouses and modernizing the older ones According to laws enacted to prevent cruelty to animals, it is considered a crime to treat any animal with cruelty (beating, over-burdening, inflicting pain, etc.). At the same time, however, butchering them is permitted! Does this make any sense?

New slaughter houses… : 

New slaughter houses… 4 new Slaughter houses in Hyderabad soon at the cost of 45.9 Cr! And who’s money? (Tax payers money)!

Sastras predictions… : 

Sastras predictions… In the age of Kali, the women and the children, along with brahmanas and cows, will be grossly neglected and left unprotected They don't know that the overall value of the ox is greater when he is utilized for work than when he's slaughtered for meat.

Sastras say… : 

Sastras say… The bull standing on one leg indicates that the principles of religion are gradually diminishing. Even the fragmental existence of religious principles will be embarrassed by so many obstacles as if in the trembling condition of falling down at any time

Sastras say… : 

Sastras say… For a Sanatanist (a follower of Vedic principles) it is the duty of every householder to have cows and bulls as household paraphernalia, not only for drinking milk, but also for deriving religious principles. The Sanatanist worships cows on religious principles and respects brahmanas. The cow's milk is required for the sacrificial fire, and by performing sacrifices the householder can be happy.

Sastras say… : 

Sastras say… The protection of the lives of both the human beings and the animals is the first and foremost duty of a government. A government must not discriminate in such principles. It is simply horrible for a pure- hearted soul to see organized animal killing by the state in this age of Kali.

Animals Primary Right to live… : 

Animals Primary Right to live… Any living being who takes birth in a state has the primary right to live under the protection of the king. The jungle animals are also subject to the king, and they also have a right to live. So what to speak of domestic animals like the cows and bulls

Sastras say… : 

Sastras say… Torturing poor animals clears the way to hell. The executive head must always be alert to the safety of the prajas, both man and animal, and inquire whether a particular living being is harassed at any place by another living being. The harassing living being must at once be caught and put to death, as shown by Maharaja Parikshit.

A law to protect cows… : 

A law to protect cows… In the material world the human society gives all protection to the human being, but there is no law to protect the descendants of Surabhi, who can give all protection to men by supplying the miracle food, milk. The human society should recognize the importance of the cow and the bull and thus give all protection to these important animals, following in The foot steps of Maharaja Parikshit.

Real peace formula… : 

Real peace formula… For protecting the cows and brahminical culture, The supreme Lord krishna, who is very kind to Cow, and Brahmanas (go-brahmana-hitaya), will be pleased with us and will bestow upon us Real Peace

Sankirtana… : 

Sankirtana… In this age of Kali, the greatest common formula of sacrifice is the sankirtana-yajna. Lord Caitanya preached this method of yajna, and it is understood that the sacrificial method of sankirtana-yajna may be performed anywhere and everywhere in order to drive away the personality of kali and save human society from falling prey to the influence of the age.

In this age … : 

In this age … In this age, when everything is polluted by the contamination of Kali, it is instructed in the scriptures and preached by Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu that by chanting the holy name of the Lord, we can at once be free from contamination and gradually rise to the status of transcendence and go back to Godhead.

Allways chant…. : 

Allways chant…. Hare krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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