Importance of Youth Empowerment in Today’s World

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Importance of Youth Empowerment in Today’s World:

Importance of Youth Empowerment in Today’s World

What is Youth Empowerment:

What is Youth Empowerment Youth Empowerment can be defined as the process whereby young people gain the ability and authority to make informed decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people. It is a means of encouraging youths to do great things for themselves and also to make great impact in their society .

Why it is Important?:

Why it is Important ? The need to empower youth for a better tomorrow is connected both, to the financial elevation as well as increment of the standard of living. Awareness is a key factor for this empowerment, with guidance towards developing a wholesome outlook of life . Youth empowerment in any development is imperative not only for national development of an entire country but also for personal development of an individual.

Reasons why Youth Empowerment is Essential:

Reasons why Youth Empowerment is Essential It makes for the transfer of skills and work ethics

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It gives or adds meaning to life, especially as one is given a position of authority or as one commands respect .

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It leads to self-employment and rapid industrialization

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It facilitates the process of nation-building and development

NGOs for Youth Empowerment:

NGOs for Youth Empowerment There are a number of nonprofit organizations in India. These Organizations are committed to making the youths more responsible and self reliant through businesses and vocational skills development. Some of the organizations working in this direction in our country include Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa , ABVP India, The Bharat Scouts and Guides etc.


Conclusion No nation can do without empowering their youths. This is so because the youths of today are elders of tomorrow . All should empower the youth. Youths are to empower their fellow youths. Note that youth empowerment is every body's function .

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