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Business Environment IIpaper Code: N2D : 

Business Environment IIpaper Code: N2D Introduction 9 May 2009

About Me : 

About Me SriRam Powru MBA, Univ. New Brunswick, Canada Master of Information Systems, Australian School of Business, Australia 8 years experience in industry PricewaterhouseCoopers Keane JD Irving IBM Member of PMI, ICECC Research interest: International Business strategy, Managing Human side of technology.

Teaching Methodology : 

Teaching Methodology Saturday seminars (combined class) Presentation of concepts and theories Discussion and debates on underlying business issues and problems Sunday workshops (two classes) Case Studies Group work Review of topics covered

Business Environment II : 

Business Environment II Objectives Modes of entering into international business Fundamentals of international business environment Managing international operations

International Business : 

International Business Streams and modes of entering into international business Trade (export and import) Investment (equity and portfolio) Outsourcing Education and research

International Business : 

International Business Understanding and assessing the environment Macro environment of politics, law and culture Micro environment of transaction and institutions

International Business : 

International Business IB Operations Management of operations Strategy and competition Ethics, physical environment

Syllabus Coverage : 

Syllabus Coverage Unit I Global trends in trade and investment International competitive forces Economic growth

Syllabus Coverage : 

Syllabus Coverage Unit II Politics and legal environment Culture Economic systems and reforms Country risks Institutions

Syllabus Coverage : 

Syllabus Coverage Unit III Trade barriers: Tariff and non-tariff Foreign currency exchange International capital markets Regional trade blocks

Syllabus Coverage : 

Syllabus Coverage Unit IV Global competition Social responsibility and Ethics Physical environment and climate change Monetary and Trade Policy

Recommended Readings : 

Recommended Readings Anant K Sundaram & JS Black, “The International Business Environment”, PHI, New Delhi GM Meier, “The International Environment of Business”, Oxford University Press, NY A Buckley, “ Multinational Finance”, PHI, New Delhi Gopalswamy, “GATT, WTO: TRIPS, TRIMS and Trade in Services”, Wheeler Publishing, New Delhi Bedi Suresh, “Business Environment”, Excel Books, New Delhi World Bank, “World Development Report” [online] Bhattacharya, B. “Going International: Response strategies of the Indian Sector”, Wheeler Publishing, New Delhi Daniels, John D. and Radebaugh, Lee H., “International Business: Environment and Operations, 8th Edition, Addison Wesley

Business Environment IIpaper Code: N2D : 

Business Environment IIpaper Code: N2D Introduction 10 May 2009

Case Study : 

Case Study Analysis of Case Identification of Issues Evaluate Alternatives Solution

Entertainment – Made for India : 

Entertainment – Made for India

Entering a new market : 

Entering a new market Sizing of the Market Market segmentation Understanding of the customers Competition analysis Financial closure Partnerships

Full case : 

Full case Evolution of the entertainment industry in India. It explains the launch of entertainment channels catering to the local population. The case points out the benefits of targeting kids with special programs. CN making it big in India; Competition between entertainment channels catering to kids; Reasons for launch of programs in Indian languages; Consumer reactions to localized content. Source: ICMR India, CLIBE010

Group Discussion : 

Group Discussion Groups of 5 or 6 Evaluation time 20 to 30 mins Nominate a speaker on rotation Rebuttal group

Case Questions : 

Case Questions Do you support the view that localization of satellite channels helps to capture more market share in India? If so, why? Why do you think more and more foreign satellite channels are interested in starting their operations in India? State the reasons.

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