Steps to learn a programming language in easy steps

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Learning a programming language may be a challenge as the programming languages are not easy enough. This PPT will guide you on how to learn them easily. Follow the steps to be a programmer.


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Easy steps to learn a programming language

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Step 1: Daily programming practice along with theory. Practically you need to practice at least 4-5 programs a day.

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Step 2: Understand the question properly .Think if this is the input what is the expected output from the program.Thnk of the logic first and then start writing program in notebook and then try to put the logic on IDE. Because if you directly start write your program you chances are you will get lots of error initially and then you will loose your confidence.

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Step 3: Prepare notes and read them daily. Highlight the important things in notes so that you can revise them regularly. Also make a habbit to revise notes on regular basis.

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Step 4: Do MCQ daily and also try to practice those programs where you are supposed to find errors in the code. This approach not only make you strong in the language but also it will help you for campus placements.

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Step 5: Never give up. If you are not able to understand a problem in one approach try to find another approach.

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