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The Digital Equalizer (DE) a program of American India Foundation. :

The Digital Equalizer (DE) a program of American India Foundation. Project Based Learning Project Presentation.


PROJECT DEATAILS Subject : Social Studies. Target class : 10 th Class. Syllabus : Govt of AP. Topic Name : United Nations (U.N.) Page no’s : 256 to 260.


UNITED NATIONS (UN) United nations organization Estd in 24 Oct 1945. Delegates from 51 nations participated in the SanFrancisco meeting and agreed to the charter of UN. The membership of the UN as on 1995,stands at 192. The headquarters of the UN is located by New York in USA. M.V.RAMIREDDY

PowerPoint Presentation:

UN Headquarters in New York M.V.RAMIREDDY

Aims of the United nations.:

Aims of the United nations. To reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations, large & small. To promote justice through the application of international law. To promote social progress and better standards of life. To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war. M.V.RAMIREDDY

United Nations and its members are required to certain principles.:

United Nations and its members are required to certain principles. Fulfillment of the obligations assumed by all members of the UN. Settlement of disputes among members by peaceful means. Recognition of the principle of sovereign equality of all members of the UN. Respect for the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. Commitment by member-nations to assist the U.N, in carrying out its tasks in every possible manner. M.V.RAMIREDDY


MEMBERSHIP OF UN. Membership of the UN is open to all peace-loving states which accept the obligation contains in the UN charter. A member of the UN which has persistently violated the principles contained in the charter may to expelled from the organization. M.V.RAMIREDDY



Principal Organs of the UN:

Principal Organs of the UN General Assembly. Security Council. Economic and social council. Trusteeship Council. International Council of Justice. Secretariat. LOGO 0F UN M.V.RAMIREDDY

The General Assembly(GA):

The General Assembly(GA) The GA consists of all the members of the UN. Each member has one Vote. The GA meets once an year. The important questions shall be made by 2/3 majority. It assists the human rights & fundamental freedom. It considers and approves the budget of the Organization. UN-GA M.V.RAMIREDDY

The Security Council (SC):

The Security Council (SC) The aim of primarily responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security. It consists of five permanent members (UK,USA,CHINA,USSR,FRANCE). 10 non-permanent members are elected by GA,for a term of 2-years. Each member of a one vote. To pass a resolution nine affirmative votes, including five permanent member votes. The five permanent members enjoy “veto power”. It takes military action against an aggressor as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security. UN-SC M.V.RAMIREDDY

The Economic and Social Council:

The Economic and Social Council The main responsibility of economic & social activities of the UN. It consists of 54-members of UN, elected by the GA. Each member serve a three years. It discuss and formulate the economic, social, cultural, educational, health….etc. M.V.RAMIREDDY

The Trusteeship Council:

The Trusteeship Council The council was set up to look after the trust territories. Initially it had a large jurisdiction. At present, it has limited task. It supervises the administration of Palan in the Pacific islands by the U.S.A. M.V.RAMIREDDY

International Court of Justice(ICJ):

International Court of Justice(ICJ) The ICJ, located in the Hague (Netherlands). It consists of 15-judges.No 2-Judges shall be nationals of the same states. The members of the court are elected by GA & SC. The term of each elected judge is nine years 1/3 judges retire every three years & elections are held to fill the vacant seats. If any nation refuses to honors the judgment of the court the SA may take action against it. M.V.RAMIREDDY

The Secretariat:

The Secretariat The secretariat consists of a secretary and staff to carry on the diverse day-to-day work and administration. There are 10-thousand officials in the U.N, Secretariat. More than 150 countries, the staff of the secretariat constitute an international civil service. Secretariat-General is the chief administrative officer of United Nations. The General Assembly, upon the recommendations of the Security Council, appoints him. BAN-KI-MOON (South Korea) was the Secretary-General of U.N. BAN-KI-MOON M.V.RAMIREDDY

Specialized Agencies of the U.N.:

Specialized Agencies of the U.N. The United Nation has taken up a variety of activities to promote social-economic development of people in the world. The U.N charter provides for the establishment of various “specialized agencies” with the wide international responsibilities. They perform tasks in economic, social, cultural, educational, health, and other related field. M.V.RAMIREDDY


International Labour organization (ILO). Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

PowerPoint Presentation:

World Health Organization (WHO). International bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), Popularly known as the World Bank. International Monetary Fund (IMF). World Trade Organization (WTO). WORLD BANK

UNICEF @ United Nations Children's Fund.:

UNICEF @ United Nations Children's Fund.

Project Presented by M.V.RAMI REDDY.:

Project Presented by M.V.RAMI REDDY . Cluster Coordinator ,R.R (Dist), AP. AIF-DE Program. Email Id M.V.RAMIREDDY

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