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Presentation given to Chief Minister of MP Sh. Shivraj Singh Chauhan on Oct 31, 2015


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Dr. R. T. Patil Ex-Director CIPHET & Chairman Benevole Welfare Society for Post Harvest Technology , Bhopal (MP) OPPRTUNITIES OF RURAL FOOD PROCESSING ENTERPRISES IN MP

Production & Post Harvest Scenario:

Production & Post Harvest Scenario Agriculture contributes about 15% of GDP, employs 57 % workforce and sustains approx over 65 % of the population India produces about 255 million tons of food grains and more than 260 million tons of fruits and vegetables and ranks second in world Low level of processing of fruits and vegetables at only 2.2% and losses range from 6 - 18 %. Food processing is employment intensive, creates 1.8 jobs directly and 6.4 indirectly for every US$ 25000 investment

Scenario of Food Losses & Reasons:

Scenario of Food Losses & Reasons Handling of raw produce (without washing, cleaning, sorting) through many stages of middlemen. Processing is mostly done in urban areas rather than in leads to losses in valuable by-products. Non availability of cold chain infrastructure for storage of raw as well as processed products in production catchment Non uniform agricultural produce due to fragmented land holdings hence not suitable for processing. Losses to the tune of 10% in durables, 15% in semi-perishables 15% and 20% perishables amounting to minimum Rs. 50,000 crores per year.

Agro Processing in Production Catchment :

Agro Processing in Production Catchment Can provide processed food of highest quality at affordable cost to consumers Help environment by processing food in production catchment with least food miles Ensure traceability of raw materials used for processed product hence great for export and elite urban market. Help effective backward linkage with farmers for processing their raw produce Shorten the supply chain, increase the profitability of farmers and ultimately increase in GDP from agriculture and reduce poverty Reduce post harvest losses and increased availability of by products for further processing.

Price Difference :

Price Difference Tomato-Rs. 5/kg Tomato ketchup-Rs 50-80/kg Fruit- Rs. 15-20/kg Fruits Bar-Rs. 200/kg Fruit Juice- Rs. 35/litre Coriander -Rs. 80/kg Coriander Powder-Rs. 200/kg Turmeric-Rs.65/kg Turmeric Powder –Rs. 200/kg Chili- Rs. 200/kg Chili Powder-Rs. 300/kg Black pepper-Rs. 100/kg Pepper Powder- Rs.300/kg Vegetables-Rs.3-5/kg Minimal Processed/Ready to Cook Rs. 25-30/kg

Agro Entrepreneurship :

Agro Entrepreneurship

Agro Entrepreneurship :

Agro Entrepreneurship

Important Crops of MP & Novel Technologies :

Important Crops of MP & Novel Technologies

Important Food Grains of MP :

Important Food Grains of MP Soybean Oil Seeds Pulses Speciality Wheat Speciality Rice


Soybean as Protein Food Source Why Soybean 40% best quality plant protein 20% excellent quality oil omega-3 Full of phytochemicals and micronutrients to fight life style diseases USFDA health claim food Need Protein 1 g/kg body weight all through life Pulse consumption need to be 75g/day 9 kg/family of 4 Protein deficiency has created health problems in Indian above 40 years Soy Products Soymilk Soy Paneer Full Fat Soy Flour Medium Fat Soy Flour Soy Nuggets Soy fortified bakery products Soy fortified noodles/Pasta and other formed products


Oilseeds- Modernization of Traditional Industry To get chemical free quality oil through mechanical pressing, filtering and physical refining Modernisation and upgradation of existing oil mills The mechanical pressed and physically refined oil is always healthy compared to solvent extracted and chemically refined oil


D ouble C hamber M odern O il E xpeller Provision for cooling the barrel by passing water through water jackets for temperature of the barrel below 70 C Pungent compounds present in the oil are not escaped during expelling. 10 tpd capacity provides 5.8% residual oil in mustard cake in one-go crushing, as compared to 7.5% in conventional expeller Mustard cake is bright green without any discolouration. Durability worm & cage bar assemblies (10 week against 3 weeks conventional expellers) The plant requires less space for installation.


Pulses- Modernization of Dal Milling Industry Hi-tech modern dal mills with assured minimum dal recovery of 73%. Installation of noise dampner, dust arrester and other pollution control devices Using high temp short time heating process and conditioning process to get maximum gota Loosening of husk without excess water or oil addition


Panchayat Level Seed Processing Plant With small investment by one panchayat seed processing of near by villages also can be done The seed processing facility includes cleaner, grader, seed treater, packaging and costs less than 25 lakhs It can be made available to group of 4-5 rural women of SHG on custom hire basis.


Nutri Rice from Brokens


Dal Analogue Based on Soybean Dal analogue is made from edible grade defatted soya flour, whole wheat flour and turmeric powder using extrusion process. Dal analogue has more than 30% protein which is more than 30% increase in protein content compared to dals The quality of protein is superior due to typical combination of pulses and cereal.   It is a pre‐cooked product it takes less than 10 minutes to cook on open flame compared to more than 25 minutes for other dals.   Perfect vehicle for micronutrients fortification. Protein from soy can certainly help in reducing certain diet related degenerative diseases like heart disease and osteoporosis.  


Agro Processing Centres for Rural Development Rural youths in a team be encouraged to set up agro processing centres to clean, grade, package and process food grains to get the benefit of off season higher prices. Similarly a village level power plant using biomass briquettes can also be encouraged by a team of rural youth. Mini Dal Mill Mini Rice Mill Mini Biomass Power Plant

Important Horticulture Crops of MP :

Important Horticulture Crops of MP Medicinal Crops Garlic Guava Onion Tomato


Garlic Processing Machines Garlic Flaking Machine Garlic Peeler Garlic Bulb Breaker Capacity-800 kg/h Cost-INR 20000 Capacity-400 kg/h Cost-INR 20,000 Capacity-40-50 kg/h Cost-INR 75000

Method to Prepare Dried Garlic Slices:

Method to Prepare Dried Garlic Slices The cloves are separated, peeled and sliced across the length. Slices of 3mm thickness are dipped in 0.5% sodium metabisulphite solution for 15 min at ambient temperature and dried to 6% moisture content (db) in a fluidized bed dryer at 60 0 C air temperature. Slices thus obtained should be immediately packed in airtight containers. Plant & machinery : Stainless Steel knives, Fluidised bed dryer, Work tables, Dipping tanks etc., Manpower : 10-15 kg raw garlic / person for 8 h, Investment: 2 lakhs approx., Capacity: 10-15 kg dried garlic slices / day.

Process Technology for Guava Bar:

Process Technology for Guava Bar Guava is perishable in nature and cannot be stored for more than two days during peak season. Guava can be processed into a number of products like fruits bar and beverage Fruits, which are rich in nutrients can be blended to improve its acceptability and flavor Guava bar acceptable even after 6 month of storage Composition: Moisture: 15%, Vitamin C: 120 mg/100g , Acidity: 1.08%, Reducing sugar: 14%, Non-reducing sugar: 46%, Weight of each bar: 5-10 g , KSM: 0.2%

CIPHET Process of Mechanical Dewatering and Drying:

CIPHET Process of Mechanical Dewatering and Drying Process-The onions were washed, peeled and mechanically dewatered prior to drying with centrifugal juicer. Partial mechanical dewatering resulted in as high as 60.98 % less consumption in energy than conventional method besides getting high value products i.e. onion juice and onion powder. The optimum combinations are 60% dewatering and 60-70  C temperatures. Onion juice was concentrated to 75% solids for increasing its shelf life. Storage studies of onion powder showed that there has been no significant loss in quality even after 2 months storage at room temperature.


Minimal Processing of Vegetables


Crushed Tomato Technology Intermediate processing technology to produce tomato puree in production catchment and its cold storage for further use by Ketchup or Soup or Juice Manufacturers is best option to avoid price crash/distress sale and provide local employment Crushed tomato is an intermediate product developed by ICAR-IIHR where inclusion of seed and skin adds to the consistency and colour of the product and can be used as a substitute to the fresh tomato for various curry preparation

Other Useful Technologies:

Other Useful Technologies

Shrink Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables:

Shrink Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables

Process Technology for Ber Preserves :

Process Technology for Ber Preserves Excellent natural color Very good texture Rich in Vit. C Rich in minerals Least enzymatic browning Can keep well up to 6 months


Minimal Processing of Pomegranate Arils Arils are treated with Chlorinated water for 5 minutes (Sodium hypochloride 100 ppm) + Antioxidant for 30 seconds (5% W/v Citric acid or Ascorbic Acid) and packed in 25 μ Semi permeable film and store at 5 ± 1ºC Maintains quality, colour and shelf life up to 16 days with good physical and microbiological conditions.


Modern Jaggery Manufacture This liquid jaggery and jaggery cubes are getting very popular and fetch very high price and such plants at panchayat level can be very successful


Institute for Post Harvest Technology & Management To offer hands on training on Novel Food Processing Technologies for upcoming entrepreneurs to produce quality products suitable for domestic as well as exports Institute should have cottage level pilot plants for novel product processing of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, horticultural and animal products It can cater to the need of entrepreneurs from different states and even for International candidates The growing strength of forward linkages by online marketing agencies, modern trade stores like best price, big bazar or reliance fresh has necessitated backward linkages with ancillary industries and with the farmers for quality raw material The institute may have collaboration with Galilee Institute of Israel, Post Harvest Technology Institute at UC Davis, USA and major institutes of ICAR and CSIR where novel food processing technologies are constantly developed.

Selected Successful Examples:

Selected Successful Examples

Soybean Milk and Tofu:

Soybean Milk and Tofu Sh B S Garcha Dist. Sangrur Punjab. Established: 2000 Products: Soymilk, Tofu, Whey beverage, Soy namkeen etc. Monthly Income: >Rs50,000 Employment generated: 10 Capital Investment: 3-4 lakhs Sales outlets stalls in University and colleges

Soybean Products:

Soybean Products Sh J S Sandha, Jalandhar Punjab Established: 2008 Products: flavored soya milk, curd, lassi, namkeen and soya roasted nuts Created Small Scale Franchisees Technical guidance and support by CIPHET


Dried Green Chilli, Ginger and Garlic Powder Sh Saket Ranjan M/s Skysnacks, Punea, Bihar Trained by CIPHET Products: Green chilli powder, Ginger Powder, Garlic Powder, Sattu and Pappad etc. Employment: >10 mostly ladies


Chowdhary Made Agriculture Profitable with Value Addition in Rajasthan Kailash Chaudhary, Age 60 years Products: Aamla juice, amla powder, aloe vera juice, candies, squashes, pickles, sweets Exports to many countries Employment: Direct 30;Indirect 40 Established: 2004 Training and Technologies by CIPHET Turnover: > 1 crore Web:


Recommendations Provide incentives for establishment of agro processing centres in villages to process food grains & biomass power generation Panchayats can establish infrastructure like rural cold storages for storage of fruit pulp and purees and dehydrated vegetables for further processing. Facilitate direct marketing by farmers and rural processors to consumers by organizing exhibitions like in Maharshtra Provide organized marketing help for small scale entrepreneurs like State Trading Corporation for distribution through fair price shops & modern trade


Recommendations Establish Post Harvest Technology & Management Institute to create incubation facility for processing of global standard cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy into specialty products and their test marketing Products like crushed tomato, tomato ketchup and mixed fruit jams processed by small scale entrepreneurs be introduced in school meal programmes and PDS to promote this sector Kerala model of supplying processed fruits and vegetables by temporary fair price outlets during festival season


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