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Nurturing CIPHET from one of the to International Repute:

Nurturing CIPHET from one of the to International Repute R. T. Patil Director, CIPHET, Ludhiana


Innovations Low Cost Basket Centrifuge for Minimal Processing CIPHET Evaporative Cooled Storage Structures Protocols Minimal Processing of Vegetables. Process Technology for Making Aonla Beverage Banana Comb Cutter Process Development for Production of Raisin like Product/Other Value Added Products From ‘Perlette’ Grape Hand tool and 5q/h machine for aril extraction Beetroot based Health Foods Mechanical device for detection of insects in stored grains Ready to Constitute Makhana kheer Mix


Innovations Processing of sunflower seeds for value added products Low cost flour mixer Ready to reconstitute sarson ka sag Mustard extract as bio-insecticide Minimal processing of pomegranate arils Soy Fortified Protein Enriched Mix Fruit Leather from Sapota CIPHET “GLOWU”:Face Care System Development of ground nut based flavoured beverage and curd. Processing of green chili into powder and puree Low cost collet extrusion for expanded/puffed snacks


Innovations Vegetable fortified meat products Novel Design of Low Cost Tray Dryer Flax Based Nutritious Energy Bar Coriander Splitter Microencapsulator for encapsulation of food ingredients Pearl Millet Extrudates Indigenous meat cutter Quick method to process onion for powder and juice Healthy wine from kinnow peels Ohmic heating unit to stabilise rice bran

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Pomegranate Aril Extraction and Value Addition Pomegranate Aril Extractor Capacity, Efficiency, Damage 500 kg/h, 90%, 2% Power required 1 hp (0.75 kW) Value addition 5 times Estimated monetary benefit to the entrepreneurs 85.8 lakhs Hand Tool for Aril Extraction Capacity & efficiency 10 kg/h, 100% Mechanical damage of arils negligible Estimated monetary benefit to the nation 65 lakhs Novel machine for extracting arils from pomegranates without cutting the fruits. It is a critical machine for processing and value addition of pomegranate. It is an import substitution, at ten times less price and has export potential too.

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Evaporative Cooled Storage Structures CIPHET Evaporative Cooled Storage Structure Capacity 5 tonnes Cost Rs 2.5 lakhs Saving in post harvest loss 10 % Estimated monetary benefit to the farmer Rs . 50000/annum Evaporative Cooled Room Capacity 2 tonnes Cost Rs 75,000 Saving in post harvest loss 10 % Estimated monetary benefit to the entrepreneur Rs 25000/annum Evaporative cooled storage structures are suitable for on-farm short term storage of fruits and vegetables in hot and dry regions to enhance their shelf life. The initial investment and cost of operation per tonne is low as compared to commercial cold stores.

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Minimal Processing of Vegetables Capacity / unit 500 kg/day Saving in post harvest loss 10 % Value Addition >100 % Estimated monetary benefit to the nation 700 crores No of people trained 100 Minimal processing of vegetables involves washing, drying by centrifugation, trimming/slicing/shredding/cutting and modified atmosphere packaging Mixed vegetables Basket Centrifuge Okra Beans

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Banana Comb/Hand Cutter Capacity 100-120 bunches/h Cost Rs 150 No of units sold 4000 Saving in post harvest losses 5 % Estimated monetary benefit to the nation 115 crores Cutting tool designed specially for safely separating banana combs/hands from banana bunches with minimum damage to fruits. During this operation 4-6% fruits get damaged for want of proper tool for this purpose. Banana Comb Cutter Cutting Operation

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Nutritious Veg-blended RTC/RTE Meat Products Value Added Products from Chicken Capacity / unit 200 kg/day Project Cost 3.5 lakh Estimated monetary benefit to the entrepreneur 2.25 lakh /annum Employment generation 2 persons/unit Estimated monetary benefit to the nation 220 crores Unique process and concept to utilize meat of different textures with blending of vegetable for ready to cook/eat product has been developed. The uniform and standardized product provides high protein, high fiber and essential minerals at affordable cost. Meat Mincer Bowl Chopper Vegetable blended chicken product

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Process & Equipment for Groundnut Milk, Curd and Paneer Groundnut Milk and Products Capacity 300 litres/day Project Cost 10 lakh Estimated monetary benefit to the entrepreneur 5 lakh/annum Employment generation 3 persons/unit Entrepreneurs trained 10 Process and equipment for nutritious groundnut based milk and its products has been developed. These products are rich in niacin and thiamine, containing bioactive phyto-chemicals, particularly iso-flavones and trans-resveratrol.

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Processing Green Chilli Puree and Powder Green Chilli Powder / Puree Capacity (fresh chillies) 200 kg/day Project cost 8 lakhs Estimated benefit to the entrepreneur 4.75 lakhs Estimated monetary benefit to the nation 15 crores Processing of green chillies into powder and puree avoids lengthy drying operation and reduces losses. Powder obtained has higher nutrition and controlled pungency

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Guava Products Processing Guava Leather Capacity (guava leather) 50 kg/day Project Cost 5 lakhs Estimated monetary benefit to the entrepreneur 3.5 lakhs Guava products like bar, rings, juice and puree have been developed along-with adoption of appropriate machines for setting up fruit processing facility at production catchments

Extrusion Technology:

Extrusion Technology Low Cost Collet Extruder Low cost health foods from millets & brokens Collaborative Researchable Issues Application of extrusion processing for novel RTE food products based on nutricereals, herbal and medicinal plants Composite foods from dairy (SMP) and millets Production of designer foods using different ingredients with increased functionality

Use of Kinnow Peels for Face Care Products:

Use of Kinnow Peels for Face Care Products Kinnow Peel Face Pack Kinnow Peel Face Toner Kinnow peel is a major (30- 34 %) processing waste generated during Kinnow processing into juices. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, Carotenoids, limonene, antioxidants, micronutrients and antibacterial limonoids as compared to the peels of other citrus fruits. The face mask/pack and face toner developed are a rich blend of major concentration of Kinnow peel powdered extracts and other minor components as preservatives and sticking agents. The products possess very effective deep cleansing properties along with stringent, disinfectant and antiseptic action to protect facial skin from unwanted blemishes


Patents/Publications/Bulletins No. of Scientists in the institute -33/32/32/35/40 Patents-16 Bulletins/Compendiums-33 Research Publications-75/78/53/57/55=318 Presented Papers-37/65/57/57/60 Special Publications- Krishi Prasankaran Darpan (Hindi) Monthly E-newsletter -9,000 members across globe 10.5 min Video Film viewed by 1200 people on net Awards & Recognitions-4/8/5/6/4=27 (Eminent Engineer, Fellow ISAE, Fellow NAAS) Training of institute scientists abroad-9 International invitations -3, Canada, Malaysia, Afghanistan


Activities a) Number of Externally Funded Projects 05 03 17 18 17 c) Number of Technologies Commercialized 03 03 04 05 02 d) Number of EDPs/ Trainings Conducted 08 12 17 22 17 e) Number of students guided for B. Tech, M. Tech and Ph. D 59 92 65 71 67 f) Number of Winter Schools Organized - 02 03 03 01 Licenses issued for commercialization during 5 years-67

New Programmes Initiated:

New Programmes Initiated Extrusion processing Micro and nano encapsulation Smart packaging including MAP Cryogenic grinding and processing Dairy analogs from groundnut and deoiled cake Meat processing for ready to eat/cook products

Programmes Strengthened:

Programmes Strengthened Transfer of technology- 21 structured EDP programme to improve the value chain Technology licensing strategy, custom hiring of pilot plant, awareness programmes and technology exhibitions Training of jail inmates in food processing Training programmes for national and international agencies Minimal Processing and packaging Non destructive testing lab Fermentation, product development laboratories

Infrastructure Developed:

Infrastructure Developed Renovation of Guest House Pilot Plant Building, CIPHET, Abohar Agro processing cluster at UAS, Bangalore for processing of grains, millets, fruits and vegetables Agro processing cluster at Barapani for North East for processing of ginger, fruits and vegetables Divisional building, CIPHET, Ludhiana. Pilot plant for milling of pulses, processing of groundnut milk and paneer, cattle feed etc were added. High speed internet, LAN, up gradation of telecom equipment, video conferencing facility, ASRB’s online examination hall.

Infrastructure Being Developed:

Infrastructure Being Developed Agro-processing cluster building, Ludhiana. Chilli processing plant, Ludhiana. Quarter (Type V) 20 Nos. at Ludhiana. Quarter (Type V) 01 No. at Abohar. Quarter (Type IV) 06 Nos. at Ludhiana.

Inter-institutional Efforts:

Inter-institutional Efforts Agro Processing Complex at UAS Banglore Agro Processing Centre at NEH Complex, Barapani Detailed Project Report for Agro Processing Centre at NEH Basar, Arunachal Pradesh Inter institute RPFs with NRCSS, IGFRI, NIRJAFT, ICAR Complex ER, Patna

HRD Contribution:

HRD Contribution Consultations, seminars, trainings, awareness programs, Institute-Industry interfaces, Summer /winter school organised in 5 years -47 International Trainings organsied-5

Proposed Programmes in New Tenure:

Proposed Programmes in New Tenure Centre of Excellences in Millet Processing Niche programmes Biotechnological interventions (Probiotics) and fermentation technology (Healthy wines) Secondary Agriculture-Extraction of bio-active compounds from agro-industrial waste and crop residues (Anti oxidents, low calories sugars, modern processing of guar gum) Emerging technologies (Non thermal/Non chemical) Modern temporary/permanent storage structures CIPHET Centres and CIPHET sponsored incubation centres, food product development centres at 3 universities Model training course on Post Harvest Technology & Management of 3 months duration on payment basis.

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