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Dr. R. T. Patil Director, Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, Ludhiana Commercial Machinery for Post Harvest Management and Value Addition

Instruments for Determining Maturity of Fruits:

Instruments for Determining Maturity of Fruits NIR analyser of fruit quality (France). Spectrometer of laboratory allowing to measure various parameters of fruit quality . IRS 3000 consists of : 1 - A compact case adapted to fruits from 50 to 100 mm. This case integrates a spectrometer allowing to measure in Near Infrared ( NIR) . 2 - A desktop computer Pentium II 300 Mhz. A card of data acquisition in the computer to collect the measures of the spectrometer 3 - A software allowing acquisition, display and saving of the collected curves .

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Harvesting Tools Pneumatic Olive Harvester One of the major expenses of olive production is harvesting the fruit. This air-operated olive harvester enables 100% of the fruit to be removed from the tree with minimal damage and reduction of labour costs compared with traditional harvesting methods. The harvest head is mounted on a lightweight 1.5 metre extension pole to reduce fatigue and increase safety when working on ladders. The harvest head can also be mounted onto the trigger for smaller trees or low branches. The pneumatic harvester weighs only 1.25 kilograms and requires a working air pressure of 6 to 8 bar and an air capacity of 200 litres per minute. The adaptors required for the harvester are 1/4 inch.

Fruit Picker:

Fruit Picker FRUIT PICKER  Several good models are available if your budget allows. If not, by fashioning a bag and hooking it to your pole pruner, the sweet rewards of your labor are readily at hand.

Pomegranate Peeler :

Pomegranate Peeler Continuous Pomegranate Peeler Systems continuously and efficiently peels off the hard peels of Pomegranate of various sizes. This peeler is facilitated with two drives with variable speed mechanism so as to achieve the best peeling efficiency with lowest wastage. The system is complete with feed hoppers, fruit peeling chambers, peel separation chambers, mash discharge and waste discharge chutes and a supporting frame. Its contact parts are in AISI 304 construction and its basic model can process about 7-8 Tones of fruit per hour. Advantages: Best peeling efficiency Better skin / peel separation Less breakage of arils Less wastage of arils with the peel etc.

Banana Cutter (Costa Rica) :

Banana Cutter (Costa Rica)

Fruit Saving Gadgets:

Fruit Saving Gadgets

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Vegetable Washers It offers a system for washing and drying fruits and vegetables, which is convenient from every point of view. The technological principles is of washing system based on an adjustable whirpool of constantly clean water

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Vegetable Washer The problem of washing large quantities without damaging the structure and quality of vegetables, salads, etc, is easily solved with this machine. It uses an adjustable whirl or vortex with constant clear water. The water penetrates the product in depth and gets rid of all the impurities even from the most irregular of vegetables like spinach. The machines are available in various sizes and good result is ensured within a cycle time of 2 to 3 minutes. Aishwarya Lele Group

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Vegetable Grating Machine Processes up to 7.5 kgs per min Suitable for about 100 to 800 portions/day.

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Vegetable Cutting Machine Vegetable cutting machine is becoming popular nowadays where time is major constraint. The automatic feeding and discharge features save time. The disc have stainless steel bushings and are easily fitted with easily removable stainless steel blades and grids, which assures proper hygienic cleaning. The tubular feed-throat is used to cut long shaped vegetables smoothly. All contacting parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum. Usage: Vegetable cutting machine vertical mode pieces, slice, finger chips, salad, cucumbers, chine etc. can be easily cut up to 6 mm to 30 mm. Ambica Engineering Works 16/a, 1st Main, Wocr, II Stage, Vijaya Bank, Modi Hospital Road, Rajaji Nagar Bangalore - 560 086, Karnataka, India

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Potato Chips Cutting Machine A very quick way to save your time. In this, the potatoes are placed from the top of the machine. This machine comes with three basic cutters, plain chips, ripple chips, potato shredding/ laccha and french fries. It is available in two models 250 kg per hr and 400 kg per hr model. Ambica Engineering Works 16/a, 1st Main, Wocr, II Stage, Vijaya Bank, Modi Hospital Road, Rajaji Nagar Bangalore - 560 086, Karnataka, India

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Apple Peelers & Cutters

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Potato Peeling Machines Capacity is 600 Kgs. per hour of expertly peeled potatoes and carrots with an average waste factor of 10 to 12%. The disk is not flat but specially designed with two tapered deflectors in order to give an even distribution of the abrasive action over the whole surface of the potatoes or carrots. It follows the contours of the potatoes or carrots thus avoiding the excessive waste encountered with other methods of peeling. The amount of waste material is therefore greatly reduced and is instantly disposed of by a jet of water. When the operation is completed, the disk can be easily removed and cleaned.

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Onion Peeling Machine Maxim has been specifically designed to peel onions automatically. feeding hopper capacity is up to seven Kg of product. As onions are processed, a water jet instantly eliminates the skins. A stainless steel filter provided underneath the machine drain prevents the floor drain from jamming with product waste.

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Pineapple Peeling Made of stainless steel. Peel and core the pineapple in only one movement. Pierced table stand which permits juices flowing. Dismantling of the blade and the pusher without any tool for cleaning after each use. Security system which prevents the pusher falls down in an unexpected way. Easy to use without physical effort.

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Garlic Peeling The garlic peeler has been designed to peel garlic in a quick, delicate manner and to minimize manual operations. After the cloves have been opened by hand, the operator will load the machine (up to 5 Kgs. per load/3 min): the machine will quickly, softly peel each clove and immediately discharge the peel. This will be done within a pre-set time, and will save up to 90% of the time normally required for manual peeling. A high level of hygiene is ensured due to the abrasive disk, which can be easily taken off and washed with water in a few seconds..

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Vacuum Packaging in Small Containers It is a small vacuum packaging a 3.5 qu m/h pump, with a handle for transport, suitable exclusively for the package in special recipients.

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Vegetable strippers Leaf vegetables as fresh as just picked and neatly cut as if cut by hand. With the possibility to reach an output of up to 7000 servings/hour with just one operator. STRIPPER ensures: A perfect presentation of all kinds of leaf vegetables, thanks to an exclusive cutting system which neither smashes nor bruises the product Control of cutting thickness Absolute working safety Labour saving and time cutting-down through high operation speed and ease of use

Tomato Grader:

Tomato Grader 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 lines from 200 to 2000 Kg per hour (depending on the kind of fruit) 6 adjustable size sections adjustable speed by a frequency variator exits at the right or at the left side of the machine exit on an output inclined plane or on a discharging belt (France)

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Detection of Insects in Stored Grains Embeded probe pit-fall traps in the grain at the top of the pile, near the centre. When the grain becomes cooler than ambient conditions, insects tend to migrate to this area of the bulk. Grain that is in storage should be level, and probe pit-fall traps should be placed in the grain as early as possible. Insert them so that the upper portion of the trap is no more than a few centimetres below the surface. Attach brightly colored twine or rope to the trap so that it can be readily retrieved.Remove the trap every 10 to 14 days to inspect it for the presence of insects. Use the following number of traps for different bin sizes: One to two traps for bins that hold less than 1,000 bushels Two to three traps for bins that hold 1,000 to 2,000bushels Three to five traps for bins that hold more than 2,000 bushels. Place the first trap in the centre and insert the remaining traps in a radius approximately one metre from the centre.

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Hidden Insect Infestation Detector Termatrac® is a hand-held portable detection device using patented microwave technology. Termatrac® can detect insects and other pests in unseen areas such as wall voids, cracks, crevices, air pockets, construction flaws, beneath floors, and in ceilings, etc. Termatrac® will detect activity through a variety of materials such as brick, wood, stucco, concrete block, ceramic tile, marble, terracotta tile, mica, plastic veneers, vinyl and many other materials. Termatrac® is non-invasive and non-destructive, thereby avoiding damage to a client’s property. Microwave Detection Equipment

Maize Cob Shellers :

Maize Cob Shellers Features cob input from the side reducing operator strain Has twin action allowing for quicker operation or by adjusting each action separately can be set to allow shelling of highly variable cob sizes Vacuum pipe junction fitted to rear of seed spout provides a clean sample Complete action is visible through Perspex sides Rubber lined backing plate and chute provides quiet operation Cobs conveniently expelled into suitably positioned waste bin Turntable that provides for very efficient operation especially suited to single ears Adjustable turntable to allow for varying seed quantities. Newzealand

Maize Cob Shellers :

Maize Cob Shellers It is a hand operated tool to shell maize from dehusked cobs. The unit consists of galvanized mild steel pipe with four tapered fins riveted to its inner periphery, the sheller is held in left hand, a cob held in right hand is inserted into it with forward and backward twist, to achieve the shelling. Octagonal designs are also available.

Vegetable Dehydration Plant:

Vegetable Dehydration Plant Batch size 40 - 100 kgs. M.O.C. All product contact parts Batch time 3 - 6 hours depending upon moisture to be removed A unit has been made to dehydrate vegetables/fruits at low temperature with air re-circulation arrangement. Batch size is approximately 100kgs. and drying time is about 2 - 6 hours depending upon types of vegetables. (SSP Faridabad)

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Tomato Processing Plant SSP offers complete line on turnkey basis for turning tomatoes into: - Tomato Puree Tomato Paste Tomato Ketchup/Sauces Tomato Juices Packing lines can be offered depending upon the requirement like Product in bottles, Cans, Drums, etc. manufacturing process involves most modern technology of vacuum evaporation using forced circulation evaporators/scrapped surface evaporators. Evaporation plants are versatile to concentrate other juices also. Salient Features are: - High yield upto 90% of juice. Low energy cost. Low temperature evaporation resulting improved quality of products. Users friendly. Semi automatic as well as fully automatic system available. Both hot break and cold break systems available

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Commercial novel value added products

Dried Fruits and Vegetable Flakes:

Dried Fruits and Vegetable Flakes PUNE, MS

Ginger, Garlic, Onion:

Ginger, Garlic, Onion Chopped or minced ginger, garlic and onion flakes that are processed hygienically and can be used in ethnic food preparations. They are available in various counts and sizes with fresh and normal white garlic, red, yellow and white onions that are preserved in quality vinegar and help in retaining its tastes, flavors and increase the shelf life. These are available on the basis of following grades and packaging that include:- Normal White/Fresh White Garlic SIZE 4.5CM, 5.0CM, 5.5CM, 6.0CM PACKING: 20KG MESH BAG/ 10KG CARTON Fresh Ginger Sizes: 50G AND UP, 100G AND UP, 150G AND UP, 200G AND UP, 250G AND UP, 300G AND UP, 350G AND UP PACKING: 20 KG MESH BAG/ 10 KG CARTON Red Onions/Yellow Onions/White Onions Size: 4cm to 5 Cm, 5cm-7Cm, 7-9Cm, 9cm and above PACKING: 20 KG MESH BAG

Aonla Products:

Aonla Products Amla Candy Amla Chutney Amla Honey Amla Jam Amla Juice Amla Murabba Amla Pickles Amla Powder Amla Sweets Amla Chat Pati Candy Amla Squash Amla Health Drink Mr. Jyoti Saroop, Main Market, Talwara, Distt Hoshiarpur - 144216

Guava Products:

Guava Products Dried Guava Powder Ambe Phyto Extracts Pvt Ltd, Delhi  - India Pune (MS) White / Pink Guava Pulps / Puree

Anardana Hazmahazam:

Anardana Hazmahazam A mouth watering and delicious range of digestive anardana Churna and goli. These are a mixture of anardana, ajwain, imli and various tongue tingling ingredients. Our goli and Churna are effective digestive measures that help in solving minor gastric and indigestion problems. Bansiwala Herbal Private Limited Plot No. 344, Saraswati Colony, Jagadhri-135 003, Haryana, India

Multi Grain Biscuits:

Multi Grain Biscuits Sunfeast Sachin's Vitamin and Protein biscuits are enriched with vitamins - B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 and proteins. These added ingredients help in remaining active and energetic through the day. Sunfeast Sachin's Multigrain biscuit is a first of its kind biscuit in India, packed with the power of "6 nutri fibres" - Barley, Oats, Raagi, Jowar, Corn and Wheat. These products are priced at Rs. 5/- for Sunfeast Sachin's Vitamin and Protein biscuits (75 gms) and Rs. 10/- for Sunfeast Sachin's Multigrain biscuits (100gms) respectively. The need to remain active and fit is universal and Sachin's appeal is mass hence the product has been priced to ensure affordability for all.

Post Harvest Profile of Crops:

Post Harvest Profile of Crops Name of the crop Area Production Mass balance of production among different uses Major product manufacturers Association related to the crop R&D prototypes for processing Commercial machine available for processing Cost of raw produce Cost of various products Major by products and their present use.

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