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Presentation On .NET FRAMEWORK Application : 

Presentation On .NET FRAMEWORK Application Submitted By Barochiya kailash v Dr.V.R.Godhaniya College Of Information Technology.

Introduction : 

Introduction What is .NET framework. The .Net framework is package of tools . it is group of technology . it also include a CLS. provide environments. many feature provide. Wi-Fi Network connect computers to each other, to the internet and to the wired network.

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Architecture Of .Net Framework

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Component Of .Net Framework CLR Manage and unmanaged code MSIL CTS BCL Assembly Metadata Assembly cache JIT Garbage Collection

1. CLR : 

1. CLR CLR stand for common language Runtime. Provide environments MSIL to native. Execution environment. Exception management. Memory allocation. 2. Manage and unmanaged code. A code compile in .Net know as manage code. Manage code provide service. A code compile in vb,c,c++ know as unmanaged code. Unmanaged code did not provide service and security.

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Source code in .net application are compile in to cpu indepence code which is know as intermideam language(MSIL) or common intermideam language 3. MSIL 4. CTS CTS stand for common type system. CTS provide by environment in .Net data type same attribute in all the language. The .Net all the data type are object and class derive from system.object namespace

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5. BCL BCL stand for base class library. The .Net framework BCL provide in collection of classes and name space available in BCL. BCL provide 4000 of classes provide verity of functionality. 6. Assembly Assembly are building block of .Net application. Assembly contain msil code and metadata which used by CLR. Assembly can be static and dynamic.

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7. Metadata The data about data is called metadata. It is feature that provide information to the CLR about a particular object. The metadata of a object is created or initialized an compile time and it use an run time. Metadata is store application it self in a binary format inside in assembly 8. Assembly cache The assembly cache is a directory which contain the different assembly . On the machine there are two type of assembly cache . Global assembly cache. Temporary assembly cache.

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9. JIT compilation. JIT stand for Just in time compilation. CLR provide just convert MSIL code in to native code. The .Net provide three type of JIT compiler it be executed. Pre JIT. Econo JIT. Normal JIT. 10. Garbage collection. The .Net provide environment which garbage collection. Garbage collection means memory allocation and free used in memory. The garbage collection created a graph of used memory by the application after creating a graph it copy is the data and free the memory and reallocate memory to the application.

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