Medico Legal Investigation of Sexual Offenses

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Frotteurism is a mental disorder in which the patient tries to derive sexual pleasure by rubbing oneself, especially genitals, against body parts of other people. This is commonly found in a crowded place like bus or a tube. This happens because the patient gets frequent sexual arousal and fantasies.

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wilfredor.beralde Role of Medico-Legal Examiner Examination of alleged sexual offenses in both males and females – alive or dead is one of the most difficult task in forensic medicine not mentioning the time to be spent in court appearances.


wilfredor.beralde It has consequences: personal, social, and family, and the danger of allowing true offenders to go unpunished, and wrong convictions make the responsibility of the examiner very heavy. Indeed, any medical doctor, police surgeons, or obstetric and gynecology specialist can do the medical examination, but as a matter of obtaining a very sound result, a SKILLED DOCTOR is required which is the MEDICO-LEGAL OFFICER.


wilfredor.beralde The forensic examiner should be able to work closely with the investigator: A two-way relationship; could be able to get a good history from the victim; could be able to collect and handle physical evidence from the crime scene, victim and suspects; and interpret all these data. The doctor should be able to believe anything that he is being told – clinical skills or experience will help him to overcome this problem.


wilfredor.beralde On the other hand, the investigator plays a vital part in this kind of investigation because the medical examiner’s opinion can be influenced by the facts collected at the crime scene, whether it is in a form of statement or physical evidence. More importantly, the investigator must supply the examiner of the information as to the characteristics how the sexual offense was perpetrated based on the available facts.


wilfredor.beralde The definition of terms on the last part of this reference could be of great help to the investigator not only in sexual related cases but all types of cases within the context of the medico-legal officer.


wilfredor.beralde Tasks of Forensic Examiner: Documenting physical findings; Collecting evidence for the law; Meeting the legal requirement for collection, storage, and transfer of evidence collected; Producing accurate medical record that can be presented in a court of law.


wilfredor.beralde What Evidence Can Be Found When Examining a Victim of Sexual Assault? Evidence from the victim (as physical & verbal) Physical evidence, like: swabs, blood, saliva, seminal stains, hairs, victim’s clothing, sketches of injury and the like. Evidence from the suspects Physical evidence like: clothing, hairs, blood, saliva, etc.


wilfredor.beralde Sexual Deviation & Terms in Sex Investigation ANILINGUS – sexual perversion wherein a person derives sexual excitement by licking the anus of another.


wilfredor.beralde BESTIALITY – Human sexual relation with animals. Also termed as zoosexuality or zoophilia


wilfredor.beralde COPROLOGNIA – Sexual deviation wherein sexual gratification is associated with an interest in the act of defecation of feces.


wilfredor.beralde CUNNILINGUS – Sexual gratification is attained by licking or sucking the external female genitalia.


wilfredor.beralde DON JUANISM – A sexual deviation characterized by sexual promiscuity and make seduction of many women as career. A woman seducer. Also known as satyriasis.


wilfredor.beralde FELLATIO OR IRRUMATION – A homosexual act usually committed by oral sex.


wilfredor.beralde Frotteurism or Frottage In psychiatry, the clinical term frotteurism (no longer called frottage) refers to a specific paraphilia which involves the non-consensual rubbing against another person to achieve sexual arousal. The contact is usually with the hands or the genitals and may involve touching any part of the body including the genital area.


wilfredor.beralde The majority of frotteurs are male and the majority of victims are female, although female on male frotteurs exist. Adult on child frotteurism ('bad touching') is a common early stage in child sexual abuse.


wilfredor.beralde This non-consensual activity may be done discreetly without being discovered, or in circumstances where the victim cannot respond, typically in a public place such as a crowded train, or at a rock concert. In common speech frotteurism is called groping though this term may sometimes be used for consensual Frottage.


wilfredor.beralde A sign outside of a bicycle parking lot in Chiba, Japan, warns "Beware of Chikan."


wilfredor.beralde HYMEN – The membranous structure with varying thickness and elasticity, which closes the vaginal canal.


wilfredor.beralde MASOCHISM or SADOMASOCHISM – A condition in which sexual gratification depends on being dominated, cruelly treated or beaten.


wilfredor.beralde MIXOSCOPIA – A sexual perversion wherein sexual pleasure is attained by watching couple in the act of sexual intercourse.


wilfredor.beralde MORAL VIRGINITY – A state of knowing sex life and have not experienced sexual intercourse.


wilfredor.beralde NARCISSISM – Sexual perversion whereby a person has extreme admiration and love of one’s self or a sexual excitement or gratification derived from the contemplation of the self.


wilfredor.beralde Narcissus, also known as the "Mazarini Hermaphroditus" or the "Genie of eternal rest". The statue is composed of an antique funeral bust and of an antique lower part, assembled in modern times. Marble, 3rd century AD.


wilfredor.beralde NECROMANIA – A morbid preoccupation with death or interest in the dead person. NECROPHILIA – One who have a morbid attraction, usually erotic nature to corpses. A sexual perversion characterized by erotic desire or actual intercourse with the corpse. NYMPHOMANIA – A sexual desire of a woman to man. A morbid and ungovernable sexual desire in women.


wilfredor.beralde PARTIALISM – Sexual deviation wherein person has special affinity to a certain part of the female anatomy. PEDOPHILIA – A perversion of sexual expression of which children are desired object. PHYSICAL VIRGINITY – A state of virginity wherein a woman is already physically matured.


wilfredor.beralde PLURALISM – A sexual deviation in which group of people participate in sexual orgies en masse.


wilfredor.beralde PYGMALIONISM – Sexual deviation whereby a person has sexual desire with a statue or statues Shown in the illustration is Pygmalion kissing his sculpture. Pygmalion was a Cypriot sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory. Some versions state that it was an image of Aphrodite. According to Ovid, after seeing the Propoetides prostituting themselves, he is 'not interested in women', but his statue is so realistic that he falls in love with it. He offers the statue presents and eventually prays to Aphrodite. She takes pity on him and brings the statue to life. They marry and have a son, Paphos.


wilfredor.beralde SADISM – A sexual gratification obtained through infliction of pain upon others. SATYRIASIS – A sexual deviation usually committed by man. Excessive sexual desire or intercourse of man in a woman. SEMEN – The viscid albuminous liquid with a faint grayish color and fishy odor. It contains spermatozoa, cells, lecithin bodies and other substances.


wilfredor.beralde SPERMATOZOA – A living organism normally present in the seminal fluid consisting of head, neck and tail. Normally semen contains about 60 million spermatozoa per cubic centimeters and may be detected up to three days from the date of incident.

Spermatozoa : 

wilfredor.beralde Spermatozoa


wilfredor.beralde SODOMY – A carnal copulation between male persons or with beasts.


wilfredor.beralde TROILISM – A sexual deviation in which three persons participate in the sexual orgies. Also called “menage a trois” which means sexual gratification attained in the eternal triangle.


wilfredor.beralde UROLAGNIA – A sexual deviation in which sexual excitement is associated with the act of urination. Shown in this illustration is a woman in stockings raising her skirt and urinating into the mouth of an ejaculating man.


wilfredor.beralde VOYEURISM – A practice in which an individual derives sexual pleasure from observing other people. Such people may be engaged in sexual acts, or be nude or in underwear, or dressed in whatever other way the "voyeur" finds appealing. The word derives from French verb voir (to see) with the -eur suffix that translates as -er in English. A literal translation would then be “seer” or "observer", with pejorative connotations. Offender is called “Peeping Tom.”


wilfredor.beralde VOYEURISM


wilfredor.beralde VAGINA – from Latin, literally "sheath" or "scabbard" ) is a fibro-muscular tubular tract leading from the uterus to the exterior of the body in female. In common speech, the term "vagina" is often used to refer to the vulva or female genitals generally; strictly speaking, the vagina is a specific internal structure and the vulva is the exterior genitalia only.


wilfredor.beralde Clitoral Hood Clitoris Labia Minora Vaginal Entrance Labia Majora








wilfredor.beralde Uterus and right broad ligament, seen from behind.


wilfredor.beralde Sagittal section of the lower part of a female trunk, right segment.


wilfredor.beralde Posterior half of uterus and upper part of vagina.


wilfredor.beralde Layers of the vaginal wall.


wilfredor.beralde Image showing stretched vulva with surrounding.

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