Criminogenic Factors of Crime

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Other Criminogenic Factors of Crimes : 

Other Criminogenic Factors of Crimes FAILURE OF THE SCHOOL IN CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILDREN AND THE YOUTH The duty of the school in the character development of children is complimentary to home. Second to the home, the school has close contact with children for a long period of time so that it has a powerful influence in the life of the child and has much to do with the future life and career of children.

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Primary functions of the school: To inculcate civic and patriotic responsibility of children. As an agency of social control over the mores and culture of society. It furnishes technical competence to children for their future works. It is a place where initial evidence can be manifested toward criminal behavior.

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Relationship between school and delinquencies or crimes Among delinquents, there is a high percentage of juveniles with poor school adjustments. A high percentage of delinquents express dislike for the school in general. Truancy from school is closely related to delinquency. Delinquency appears to be higher during school days than on vacation and weekends. There is comparatively high rate of delinquency in the right-after-school hours.

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THE TEACHING OF RELIGION MAY SOMETIMES BE MISDIRECTED FROM ITS PURPOSES AND OBJECTIVES The relevance of religion to criminality has always been considered on how much it helps in combating delinquency. This is due mainly to the fact that religion has always supported morality, decency, love of mankind and above all, love of God.

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Delinquency and crime, therefore have not only been seen as a wrong in the eyes of the law but likewise in the eyes of God. However, there is a little knowledge for each one of us that religion may sometimes serves as the vehicle of crime under these circumstances:

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When a certain religious group actively participate in partisan political activities. When the religion tries to inculcate certain distinct inconsonant with the accepted norm of society. When religion preaches the use of violence in the attainment of their objective.

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THE MASS MEDIA MAY DEVELOP AN ARTIFICIAL ENVIRONMENT OF CRIMES AND DELINQUENCY AND INFLUENCE THE PUBLIC TO VIOLATE THE LAW. There is no doubt that with perfection fo the modern technology in information, mass communications, media, newspaper, radio, motion picture, comic books, and television, have been the most effective means of disseminating information to tour public in the country today.

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Simultaneously, they create public opinion on and a particular type of society that they may ultimately create on the basis of artificial environment that media develop in the mind of the people. Media of course, has always been conceived for the public good but sometimes they may enhance the development of criminal behavior under the following circumstances:

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It promotes crime by constantly advertising it. It glorifies criminal leaders and consequently increases their prestige. It interferes in the administration of justice by trial by media and by giving advanced information to the public. It produces public panic in regard to crime, which makes consistent and sober Judicial and preventive procedure difficult. It frequently advances information to the criminals regarding the place of the police and law enforcers.

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