Application Of Computer Graphics

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Application Of Computer Graphics

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CAD is probably the single largest factor which is responsible for significant and useful application of geometry in the attractive growth of computer graphics It is used in the design of buildings, automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, computers, textiles and many other products. Wire frame Displays: shows the overall shape and internal features of objects. It allows to see the effects of interactive adjustments to design shapes. Generally used in automobile industry. Animations are often used in CAD. Real time animations using wire frame displays on a video monitor are useful for testing performance of a vehicle or system. In virtual reality environment it is used to determine how vehicle operators are affected by certain motions. Computer Aided Design(CAD)

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Architects use interactive graphics methods to lay out floor plans, such as positioning of rooms, doors, windows, stairs, shelves, counters and other building features. With virtual-reality systems designers can even go for simulated walk through the rooms or around the outsides of buildings to better appreciate the overall effect of particular design. Software for vectorization : it is the conversion of old engineering drawing prints to a form compatible with CAD package. This is achieved through raster scanning and digitization followed by processing with the vectorization algorithms. The powerful memory concentrated workstations with CAD tools has special focus for detailed drawing, zooming and planning facilities.

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It is used to produce illustrations for reports or to generate 35 mm slides or transparencies for use with projectors. It is used to summarize financial, statistical, mathematical scientific and economic data for research reports, managerial reports, consumer information bulletin and other types of reports. Examples are : bar charts, line graphs, surface graphics, pie charts and other displays showing relationships between multiple parameters. Presentation Graphics

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Computer graphics methods are widely used in both fine art and commercial art application. Special packages like paintbrush programs, symbolic mathematics package, desktop publishing software and animation packages that provide facilities for designing object shapes and specifying object motions. For many applications of commercial art photorealistic techniques are used to render images of a products. Animations are also used in advertising and television commercials are produced frame by frame, where each frame of the motion is rendered and saved as an image file. Morphing is commonly used graphics method where one object is transformed into another. Computer Art

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Graphics method are used in making motion pictures, music videos and television shows. The planet and spaceship are drawn in wireframe form and will be shaded with rendering methods to produce solid surface. Music videos use graphics in several ways. Graphics objects can be combine with the live action or graphics and image processing techniques can be used to produce a transformation of one person or object into another (morphing). Entertainment

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Computer generated models of physical, financial and economic systems are often used as education aids. Models physical systems, physiological systems, populations trends or equipments such as the color-coded diagrams can help trainees to understand the operations of the system. Examples: specialized systems are the simulators for practice sessions or training of ship captains, aircraft pilots, heavy equipments operators and air traffic-control personnel. Education and Training

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Scientists, engineers, medical personnel, business analyst and others often need to analyze large amount of information or to study the behavior of certain processes. Numerical simulations carried out on supercomputers frequently produce data files containing thousands and even millions of data values. Scanning these large sets of numbers to determine trends and relationship is a tedious and ineffective process. But if the data are converted to a visual form, the trends and patterns are often immediately apparent. Producing graphical representations for scientific, engineering and medical data sets and processes is generally referred to as scientific visualization . And the business visualization is used in connection with data sets related to commerce, industry and other nonscientific areas. Visualization

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It applies techniques to modify or interpret existing pictures such as photographs and TV scans. Two major applications of image processing are Improving picture quality Machine perception of visual info as used in robotics. First the image is digitize a photograph or other picture file into an image file. Then digital methods can be applied to rearrange picture parts, to enhance color separations, or to improve the quality of shading. Image processing

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A major component of a graphical interface is a window manager that allows a user to display multiple-window areas. Each window can contain a different process that can contain graphical or non-graphical displays. Interfaces also display menus and icons for fast selection of processing operations or parameters values. An icon is a graphical symbols that is designed to look like the processing option it represents. The icon represents options for painting, drawing, zooming, typing text strings and other operations connected with picture construction. Graphical user interface

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