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University Living helps you compare and book private accommodation from anywhere in the world! Discover the best studio apartments, safe and secure houses in Zone 1, and rooms for international students that are a cut above regular on-campus housing. Sit back and enjoy modern facilities at your fingertips like fully-functional gyms, coin-operated laundries, state-of-the-art games rooms, common spaces to socialize, private study areas, two-wheeler parking lots, and much more.


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Interesting Facts about Student Accommodation in Dublin and Wolverhampton England and its neighboring country Ireland have always been popular for providing a world-class education to the students. Today also, these two countries have a number of universities, where the students come from every part of the world. But, there are some cities, which have gained a special significance in this regard. Apart from education, the other thing the students need is the place of accommodation where they could spend the years of their studies. Let’s have a look at one popular city of each of these two nations, which the individuals choose for their studies and which are perfect for their accommodation.

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Dublin (Ireland) Dublin is the capital as well as the largest city of Ireland. Dublin is the home to three major universities, which include the University of Dublin, Dublin City University and the National University of Ireland. Besides, it comprises of a number of institutes among which Dublin Institute of Technology is the prominent one.

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Student Accommodation in Dublin The student accommodation Dublin comprises of different types of places of stay that can be chosen by the students as per their requirements and choices . The students can get the shared rooms, ensuite rooms, studios, and apartments. Brief about the types of accommodation will be mentioned in the accommodation section further.

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Places of Interests in Dublin A number of places of interests are available in Dublin, which students can enjoy near their place of accommodation during their years of study. You can have a fantastic time in the traditional Irish bars. Here you can enjoy the music “the craic ” as well as the atmosphere in this one of the most welcoming cities of the nation. Besides, there are independent fashion and design shops, outdoor markets and incredible architectural spaces in Dublin.

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Wolverhampton (England) Wolverhampton is the metropolitan borough in West Midlands, England. The University of Wolverhampton is the major university in the city, plus you find a number of institutes here

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Student Accommodation in Wolverhampton Like Dublin, the student accommodation Wolverhampton also includes the places of stay that are best suitable for them. Here also, you get the shared rooms, ensuite rooms, studios, and apartments .

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Places of Interest in Wolverhampton Wolverhampton is an ideal place for the history lover students. It has National Trust Wightwick Manor and Gardens (Victorian Arts & Crafts movement shrine), Wolverhampton Art Gallery (300 years of art in the Victorian gallery) and Bantock House (Edwardian building with museum. In addition to this, the city has the Royal Airforce Museum and a lot of other places of interests for the individuals.

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Types of Accommodation for the Students The popular types of accommodation available here for the students include: 1.Shared rooms for two or more people that contain individual beds for each resident and other areas like kitchen, lounge, bathroom, etc. are shared by each resident. 2.Ensuite rooms, which are private rooms, with attached bathroom occupied by a single person and other areas like kitchen, lounge, etc. are shared by all the residents . 3. Studios , which are private, self-contained units, with an ensuite bathroom and open kitchen area. There are also studios with larger beds that can be shared by more than one person. 4.Apartments , with one or more bedroom(s), comprise of either shared or ensuite bathrooms. Two people can occupy the one-bedroom apartment. There are apartments with multiple bedrooms, communal areas like the kitchen, lounge, and more shared equally by all the residents.

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How to Avail Accommodation You can book accommodations easily today from your native place at the websites of accommodation providers.

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