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Maximum and Minimum thermometer is an instrument which is used to me


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Either it is Day or Night record temperature reading anytime with our Maximum Minimum Thermometer Sometimes measuring current temperature is not enough to measure. We have to know the highest and lowest temperature since last reset. We use a different thermometer for different measurements. MAXIMUM MINIMUM THERMOMETER is enough suitable for above requirement. Naturally minimum temperature occurs during the night and the maximum temperature during the day. This incredible thermometer was invented by James Six towards the end of the eighteenth century. Generally this thermometer has long u shape which has a bulb of alcohol or mercury at the top of the tube. When the temperature rises the liquid expands and pushes the mercury up the Maximum column this also pushes the mercury down in the Minimum column. When the temperature falls the liquid contracts and pulls the mercury up the Minimum column which also causes the mercury to fall in the Maximum column. While reading this temperature observe carefully whether the number is a positive number or a negative number. There are some places where it is necessary to know how hot and cold it is getting like green houses which need a particular condition to grow. Monitoring conditions in many other places are also important classrooms hospitals libraries museums. Monitoring the temperature will help plan caring for them. If there is too hot ac can be use on the other hand heater can be use for too cold. By this one can help to care the environment of a particular place. Specification – Description : 300 mm long size with a protective plastic or cardboard case. Detail Description : These thermometers measures the maximum minimum temperature reading with special indices from last setting point mounted on seasoned plastic base boxed. Size : 2306527mm` Range : 4050 0 C or -40120 0 F Material : ABS Precaution –  One cant keep maximum minimum thermometer carelessly as it has glass parts which can be easily broken.  When you buy it make sure that the indicator liquid does not have any gaps in it.  Also check that the pins are not buried in the indicator liquid. Website –

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