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sir as i am doin my BBM project at SBI banglore regarding the NPAs i would require this ppt for reference.

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INTRODUCTION Non Performing Asset means a loan or an account of borrower, which has been classified by a bank or financial institution as sub-standard, doubtful or loss asset, in accordance with the directions or guidelines relating to asset classification issued by RBI. NPAs are of three types. Substandard assets Doubtful assets Loss assets

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COMPANY PROFILE The state bank of India was established on 1st july1955 at Mumbai. It has 14 local head offices ,57 zonal offices and more than 16,000 branches all over the India. It has more then 12,000 ATM’s. There are 8 subsidiaries. The bank had a total strength of 2,05,896 employees.

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NEED OF THE STUDY Identify the extent of impact of NPA’s on performance of the branches of SBI in the Visakhapatnam. Identify the pre-details of the borrowers before sanctioning the loans.

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OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To study the past trends of NPA. To evaluate NPA level in different branches. To know the reasons for NPA’s. To learn the preventive measures . To understand the impact of NPA’s on the operations of bank. To know what are the steps taken by Indian bank sector to reduce the NPA’s

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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Primary data: Discussion with the branch managers. Discussion with the borrowers. Secondary data: Data is collected from printed materials. Websites related to the banking sector. News papers ,magazines.

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LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The study was entirely based on the information provided by the branches of SBI from their records. The branches are not providing sufficient information about the NPA’s. FINDINGS It is observed that the NPA’s ratio is less compare to others. There is no increase in NPA’s so there should be no effect of reduction of provisions from the profitability of SBI. It is found that SBI requires less provisioning requirements for the recovery of NPA’s.

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SUGGESTIONS There should be a proper pre-enquiry by the bank before sanctioning a loan to customer. The special accounts should be made of the clients where monthly loans concentration reports should be made.

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CONCLUSION NPA is one of the biggest problem that the public sector banks are facing today. NPA’s are the loss assets for the banks. The high NPA ratio indicates the high quantity of risky assets in the bank.

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