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Aaromet Metal Recycling Company is a commercial scrap metal Recyclers and buyer located in Cleveland OH, USA. we specialized in buying and recycling all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals in an effort to support the environment as well as the economy.


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What is Recycling? Recycling is a term used to describe a series of activities that includes collecting recyclable materials that would otherwise be considered waste.

What does the Recycling Symbol Mean?:

What does the Recycling Symbol Mean? => The first top arrow stands for the collection of recyclable products for processing. => The bottom right arrow stands for the recyclables being processed right into recycled products. => The bottom left arrowhead is the most vital. It represents when the consumer actually buys a product with recycled material.

What are some things I can Recycle and some items that I cannot Recycle:

What are some things I can Recycle and some items that I cannot Recycle I can Recycle these things: => Iron => Copper => Aluminium => Ferrous Recycling => Non Ferrous => Plastic => Brass Scrap => Computers I can not Recycle these things: => Ceramics => Windows => Light Bulbs => Mirrors => Spray Cans

Our Address Details::

Our Address Details: Address Aaromet Metal Recycling 3208 W 63rd Street Cleveland Ohio 44102 Contact Us : (216)-961-5050 Website : Email Michelle Haslett (Manager) Jeff Godles (Assistant Manager) Rachel Pavella ( Accounting ) Joseph Krash (Sales) Hours of Operation Monday to Friday : 8:00 Am – 5:00 PM Saturday : 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM Sunday : 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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