Effect of soil erosion

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Effect of soil erosion:

Effect of soil erosion

Soil erosion:

Soil erosion Soil - Mixture of minerals, organic material, living organisms, air, and water . Soil Erosion can be defined as removal of top layer by natural agents like sun, wind, water and by man. Soil erosion due to wind, water etc. is called natural soil erosion . While the erosion caused by human activities such as deforestation, cultivating lands, road construction and building dams, etc. is called as artificial soil erosion .

Type of Soil Erosion:

Type of Soil Erosion Water erosion Wind erosion Gravitical erosion Frozen-melt erosion

Water Erosion:

Water Erosion Sheet erosion Rill erosion gullies or gully erosion

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Top layer of soil contains most of the organic matter and nutrients. Loss of this soil reducing soil fertility and affecting its structure badly. Soil erosion decreases the moisture supply by soil to the plants for their growth. It also affects the activity of soil micro-organisms. Thus deteriorating the crop yield. Soil erosion by wind cause sandy storms, which damage the crops. Further these sandy storms reduces the rainfall in particular area. Soil eroded by water get deposited on river beds, thus increasing their level and causing floods.


Contd ………… The subsoil left after topsoil has been removed are often unable to support agriculture because advanced erosion causes rills and gullies that make cultivation paddocks unworkable. Soil erosion causes land and water pollution. When the soil flows into water bodies, it affects the quality of the water, which in turn can also block out sunlight and cause underwater plants to die and fishes to starve. It pollutes the land as crops may be destroyed, causing economic damage and buildings may be destroyed, resulting in casualties.

Soil Conservation Practices:

Soil Conservation Practices Contour Farming - Tilling at right angles to the slope of the land. Each ridge acts as a small dam.

Soil Conservation Practices:

Soil Conservation Practices Strip Farming - Alternating strips of closely sown crops to slow water flow.

Soil Conservation Practices:

Soil Conservation Practices Terracing - Level areas constructed at right angles to the slope to retain water - good for very steep land.

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