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Water Transportation & Water-Based Tourism A Presentation By Rajiv Bajaj

Forms of Water Transportation : 

Forms of Water Transportation Ocean Cruises River Cruises Ferries Hovercraft Passenger / Cargo Ships

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Ocean Liners… (Ship designed to transport people from one seaport to another along regular long-distance maritime routes according to a schedule. May also carry cargo, mail, and may sometimes be used for other purposes e.g., for pleasure cruises or as troopships.)

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Cruise Ships A cruise ship or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship's amenities are part of the experience.

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Car-Passenger Ferries A form of transport, usually a boat or ship, used to carry (or ferry) passengers and their vehicles across a body of water. Also used to transport freight.

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Hovercrafts A hovercraft, or air-cushion vehicle (ACV), is an amphibian craft, designed to travel over any smooth surface supported by a cushion of slow moving, high-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface below, and contained within a "skirt."

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A boat with wing-like foils mounted on struts below the hull. As the craft increases its speed the hydrofoils develop enough lift for the boat to become foil-borne - i.e. to raise the hull up and out of the water. This results in a great reduction in drag and a corresponding increase in speed.

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Jetfoils A Jetfoil is a passenger-carrying waterjet-propelled hydrofoil design by Boeing.

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River Crafts Boats / Ships designed for inland navigation. Usually less sturdy than ships built for the open seas. Limited in size by width and depth of the river as well as the height of bridges spanning the river.

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Passenger Ships

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Passenger-cum-Cargo Ships Ships designed to carry large quantities of cargo, with some limited capacity for carrying passengers.

River Cruises : 

River Cruises Example – Oberoi Zahra Luxury Nile Cruise

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Brahmaputra River Cruise in India…

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Harbour Cruises Example – Sydney Harbour Cruises

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Lake Cruises Example – Lake Geneva Cruises

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Canal Cruises Example – Amsterdam Canal Cruises

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Island Cruises Found at most island / seaside destinations. Offer variety of short cruises using different types of boats.

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Houseboats Example – Houseboats of Srinagar / Kerala Backwaters

Ocean Cruises : 

Ocean Cruises Traditional Cruises Cruises which provide a leisure holiday at sea. Sails from, and returns to the same port. Usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks. Has 5 or more ports of call.

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Some Prominent Cruises…

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P & O Cruises Destinations – Africa, Asia & Orient, Australasia, Baltic, U.S. & Canada, Canary Islands, Iceland, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Panama Canal, South Pacific

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Star Cruises Destinations – Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Cambodia.

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Carnival Cruise Lines Destinations – Alaska, Canada, Bermudas, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal, South Americas.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines Destinations – Alaska, Canada, Bermudas, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal, South Americas, Europe, Bahamas & Florida.

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Celebrity Cruise Lines Destinations – Alaska, Canada, Bermudas, Hawaii, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Bahamas, South Americas.

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Cunard Cruise Lines Destinations – Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern Europe & U.K., Scandinavia, Iceland, World Cruises, Canaries & Azores.

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Princess Cruises Destinations – Alaska, Canada, Bermudas, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal, South Americas, Australia & New Zealand, Asia, Bahamas.

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And now, a quick look at some popular as well as emerging forms of Water-Based Tourism & Seaside / Water-Sports Activities…

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Relaxing by the seaside…

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Swimming in the sea

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Scuba Diving

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The Water Scooter

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Glass-Bottom Boats

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Dolphin & Whale Watching

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Big Game Fishing

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Mini-Submarine Rides

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Inside the Mini-Submarine…

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The Sub-Scooter… Getting ready for the dive….

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Dropped into the water…

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Riding with the fishes !

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The Undersea Walk

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“Once I felt chained, and now, now I feel free… Maybe its the lure of the sea”…. (Excerpts from the lyrics of the song “Lure of the sea” by The Beautiful South)

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Thank You.

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