Life Tips in 20 Words


Presentation Description

I came across this wonderful collection of thoughts on several blogs and websites, and also in the form of a video on YouTube, and was inspired to make a presentation out of it. I could not trace the name of the actual author, and if any one knows who the actual author is, please let me know. I would be happy to attribute the work to the rightful author.


By: drramsharma (38 month(s) ago)

By: drramsharma (3 days ago) [Private Comment] The effort is worth rather great and is like the recycled paper. So it is d raw material for change and success. Pl allow downloading. Rgds. , Thanx for yr mail to me. Im unable to download the presentation, pl help. Thanx

By: kapur64 (38 month(s) ago)

Excellent presentation !!! Well done Sir !!!

By: rajivbajaj (38 month(s) ago)

Thank you sir !