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The report data must always be in a original form. The material presented in the report must be self contained. Good readability requires that there are no grammatical mistakes in the report. The experimental data must always be collected without any preconceived notion of what it should look like.

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The basic aim of the report is to communicate the objectives of the work done, the procedures used in suffient detail so that the work can be reproduced and discussed for results and conclusions. It is important to emphasize only on the significant developments that are general and then progress to developments that become more specific to the problem-solving. Some theory may be needed to motivate the particular measurements that are made to understand. The experimental data collected and the result obtained must be presented without any bias, modifications, alterations.

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Research usually requires with use of advanced concepts and a variety of experimental technique. The title of the report should reflect the content and emphasis of the project and it should be as short as possible. A clear relationship between the current project and the scope and limitations of earlier work should be made so that the reasons for the project and the approaches used will be understand. The citation style used in the report must be identical to be followed by a respected journal in the required field and this style should be followed consistently all through the report.

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Proper layout of the report should be throughout and also in accordance with objective of research problem. Graphs and schematics already published in a work can be reproduced. When a researcher uses programs written by others with or without modifications the report must clearly bring out the prominence with proper references and must also reflect the extent of modification introduced by researcher. The report should have appendices that contain all the details of data ,and an example of calculation of quantities that have been reported in the body of the report but that had to be obtained from the observations or raw data.

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Tabulation of data, equations, charts, figures can be used effectively to present results clearly and concisely. Preparation of a comprehensive written research report is an essential part of a valid research experience. The conclusions of the report should be brief and to the point. Any suggestions for follow-up work could consists of better ways of making the measurement, improvement in methods or theory etc. The experimental details should be suffiently detailed that other experienced researchers would be able to repeat the work and obtain comparable results.

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CONCLUSION In spite of all has been stated above, one should always keep in view the fact report-writing is an art which is learnt by practise and experience, rather than by mere doctrination.

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BY, R.Raja Rajeswari K.Shruthie

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