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Vihangam Yoga- A way to Enlightenment & Ultimate Realization to God.


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Vihangam Yoga:

Vihangam Yoga H.H. Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj The True Path of Yoga Estd . 1924

Who are We?:

Who are We? I am … Vihangam Yoga Sansthan , established by His Holiness Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj in 1924 AD. Headquartered at Allahabad, India Present in 35 nations with hundreds of Ashrams 5 Million+ enriched with the powerful tools and techniques.

What is there for me?:

What is there for me? A technique which will transform your life How to remain in a state of perfect peace & bliss A small insight of the true form of Yoga, the heart of ancient Indian culture An amazing meditation technique Ayurveda , the Indian herbal medicine How do we help the world All we need is your 25 minutes now!

Yoga: what, why and how:

Yoga: what, why and how It is the science of achieving the ultimate knowledge Physical practices, such as Aasana and Pranayama help in Yoga. It is the technique of living a fulfilled life amid all the odds of life.

Meditation Levels:

Meditation Levels 1: Amazing control over the mind  2: Purification of the mind, realization of AUM  3 : Awakening of the Kundalini completes  4: Absolute & permanent ‘ No Mind ’ state. Self realization.  5: Achieve the ultimate goal of human life: God Realization. 

From the neuroscientists:

From the neuroscientists 192-channel EEG test conducted over various practitioners indicates very high degree of rest along with increased alertness. Inner Light Perception: A famous research indicating highest inner light experience phenomenon Very quick release from addictions, depression No decay of neural strength with age, memory power keeps increasing even after 50 …and many more, as per the researches going on in India, USA, Italy & Russia

Ayurveda: the Indian herbal medicine:

Ayurveda : the Indian herbal medicine Based on natural herbs Very effective in all chronic diseases No side effects

Caring for the environment:

Caring for the environment Several plantation projects undertaken Believe in natural resources Conduct regular Hawan, a process of using medicinal fumes to purify the environment

How does it help the world?:

How does it help the world? Creates a good human and a good society De-addiction guaranteed Several projects of free education and medical care Helps the needy, esp. during natural calamities De-addiction camps Natural Calamities

Ashrams: epicenters of divine vibrations:

Ashrams: epicenters of divine vibrations 300+ ashrams globally 6 prime ashrams Very high energy zones Located at the holiest places Serene and calm, away from the chaos of life A must visit for every meditation practitioner!

Points to end with…:

Points to end with… FREE for ALL Irrespective of any Religion, Race, Nationality or Sex. No change needed in your conventional practices All you need is dedication and regularity Only 10 minutes of practice Remember the key differentiator: the Sadguru

Reach us:

Reach us +91 – 9835145259

Thank You:

Thank You Questions Invited …

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