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Scientists world over today were drawn towards Vihangam Yoga, the basic theories of this old science was not only fascinating but today it had started to capture the minds of Scientists at NASA as well. What was so great about Spiritual science. Was the experiments don't need any expensive labs, but postulates and theories on this science had already been mentioned and tested by Indian sages. Vihangam Yoga is really vast knowledge and it has opened up many unexplored areas, which modern science has no answers. Instruments have certain limitation and meditation can open up complete knowledge for us, the present world needs awareness regarding this---


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Scientific works on Vihangam Yoga:

CONTRIBUTORS: 1) Dr. Ravi Prakash (CIP Ranchi) 2) Dr. Saumil Dholakia (CMC Vellore) 3) Dr. Nikolay Sevchenko (Moscow, Russia) 4) Dr. Michele Caponigro (Bergamo, Italy) Scientific works on Vihangam Yoga


INTRODUCTION This presentation is just a summary of what has been done so far. These researches are only the attempts to document few effects of Vihangam Yoga. None of the medical and psychological tests can claim to measure the complete effects of Vihangam Yoga meditation techniques.

Restful Alertness:

Restful Alertness There is a state of high relaxation during the Vihangam Yoga meditation meaning that the person is not anxious or tensed. There is a high alertness during the meditation, which means he can react efficiently to the task on which he is concentrating. There is state of consciousness which is difficult to interpret scientifically .

PowerPoint Presentation:

A Vihangam Yogi with 192 electrodes placed on his head, being recorded in a computer (behind him) while meditating and a 3-D simulation diagram of electrode placement How Did We Measure It?

EVIDENCE : Restfulness:

EVIDENCE : Restfulness Power of Alpha waves – Relaxed State: A person can be relaxed upto 5 times during Vihangam Yoga meditation. Graphs depicting the power of Alpha waves before, during and after meditation.

EVIDENCE : Alertness:

EVIDENCE : Alertness Alpha Wave Coherence – Alertness: A person is more alert during Vihangam Yoga meditation. Graphs depicting the Alpha Wave Coherence before, during and after meditation.

Reduction of Negativity :

Reduction of Negativity A series of bad events causes negative thoughts -- It can be far more dangerous that just a thought… We conducted a study on 12 MBBS students who failed in a recent exam. -- All of them had occasional suicidal thoughts . The suicidal tendency was measured using the Becks suicidal ideation scale . One group of students was asked to control their suicidal thoughts and other negative feelings by themselves. Next group of students practiced the first level meditation of Vihangam Yoga for 10 days!

…and the results!:

…and the results! Forceful Suppression Could be Lethal Improvements After Vihangam Yoga Meditation

Inner Light Perception: A Unique Experience:

Inner Light Perception: A Unique Experience VY Practitioners enjoy several spiritual experiences It has been expressed as EXTREMELY PLEASURABLE The person becomes calm, compassionate, can control his emotions in a unique way, lives every moment in a unique enjoyment Applauded in several international journals and scientific forums

Anxiety Neurotic Symptoms reduce:

Anxiety Neurotic Symptoms reduce Vihangam Yoga Meditation has positive impact in reducing the anxiety symptoms. A group of anxiety patients subjected to a rehabilitation program for 21 days. Non VY practitioners show 20.6% improvement. The meditation practitioners demonstrate 70.3% Paper presented by Dr. Sachidananda Prasad, Raipur (India) in 90 th Science Congress, Jan ’03.

Mission Quit Addiction:

Mission Quit Addiction Study conducted by Dr. Ravi Prakash in few rural areas and narcotics rehabilitation About 300 people were surveyed. Results: Among the practitioners who continued the meditation for more than 6 months, the nicotine quitting rate was >70% and alcohol quitting rate was >50%.

Dementia: Old Age Memory Loss:

Dementia: Old Age Memory Loss Dementia is a chronic organic mental disorder in old age, hampering intellectual functions, memory & personality Several researches published: AmSci , Mendeley , Medical Hypotheses Extra-ordinary preventive & curative effect in the regular practitioners of Vihangam Yoga. Memory, cognition, attention, redirection after distraction show major improvement

Dementia: contd.:

Dementia: contd. The long practicing subjects (age > 60 yrs) exceeded the mental capacity of 25 yr olds Prime Research Institutions: CIP, Ranchi The Guangdong 999 brain hospital, China The Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China Department of Neurosurgery, Anyang People’s Hospital, Anyang, Henan, China

Other researches:

Other researches Artificial neural network mapping, performed in Italy Quantum Mechanical mappings, done in Russia Mild & chronic depression, under progress in CMC Vellore Several researches done at CIP Ranchi (2 nd best neurological institute in India)

Joint researches over Vihangam Yoga:

Joint researches over Vihangam Yoga “Bionet group”, Russia. University of Bergamo, Italy. CIP Ranchi CMC Vellore

Media coverage of workshop in CIP:

Media coverage of workshop in CIP

Presented/Published in::

Presented/Published in: International Journal of Yoga Neuroquantology The Indo-Pacific journal of phenomenology Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. Indian Psychiatric Society Indian Journal of Psychiatry International Conference on attention International Psychological Conference, Hawaii Conference of Eastern Zone of Indian Psychiatric Society

Discussion: Vihangam Yoga is a science even at the philosophical level:

Discussion: Vihangam Yoga is a science even at the philosophical level Karl Popper said…. Any construct which can be tested in a method which falsifies it is scientific His Holiness Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj said….. Yadi Vidhivat tum Sadhan Kariho, Amar lok pahunchaunga So we have a method of testing here- Vidhivat Sadhan………So Vihangam Yoga is scientific even at the philosophical level of science


Conclusion….. Several people who left alcohol after doing Vihangam Yoga meditation were interviewed regarding the reason for leaving alcohol. Some said it is gods grace, some said it is pleasure and happiness that they regained through it A neuroscientist said that it is because of alteration of neurochemicals in brain which resulted in quitting of alcohol


Who among them is right and who is wrong? Actually every one is right. It is just that they are seeing the fact through different perspectives……they are having different frames of references All it depends is on the frame of reference— Sir Albert Einstein Conclusion…..

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Few Links… Books about the researches on Vihangam Yoga can be found online

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