Media effects on Pakistani Society

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Effects of Mass Media on:

Effects of Mass Media on PAKISTAN


Media: In communication, media are the storage and transmission channels or tools used to store and deliver information or data.

Mass Media::

Mass Media: Mass media is a term used to denote a section of the media specifically designed to reach a very large audience such as the population of a nation state. Mass media is the major source of providing news and entertainment to the people who want to know who is doing what and what is happening. Aristotle said, “Media is the means of catharsis and is must for normal living”. Following are the types of mass media:- Electronic Media Print Media Interactive Media

Electronic Media::

Electronic Media: In the last century, a revolution in telecommunications has greatly altered communication by providing new media for long distance communication. Analog telecommunications include traditional telephony, radio, and TV broadcasts. Digital telecommunications allow for computer-mediated communication, telegraphy, and computer networks. Communications media impact more than the reach of messages. Modern communication media now allow for intense long-distance exchanges between larger numbers of people (many-to-many communication via e-mail, internet forums). On the other hand, many traditional broadcast media and mass media favor one-to-many communication (television, radio, cinema, newspaper, magazines).

Reasons for growth of Media::

Reasons for growth of Media: Government was compelled to permit freedom of media. Literacy rate / level grew in Pakistan and played a role in media development. Arrival of cable operators / network and its growth held vision. Govt. policies played a vital role, especially of president Musharraf. Private sector was involved and posed challenge to state media.

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Number of press media / Printing groups were permitted and have launched their TV channels e.g. Jang Group – Geo, etc. Dozens of other factors have played role in the development of Pakistani Media. It has been a “watchdog” on actions of the state, people strengthened the media. Media has played an important role in discussing the untouched subjects. It had helped harmonizing the nation on otherwise contentious issues. The competition among the channels is bringing in qualitative improvement in the content and other aspects of programmes.

Impacts of Media::

Impacts of Media: Development Efforts of State Level of Awareness Development of Public Opinion Helps in Educational Efforts Supports Democracy Support to Public Issues / Affairs Moreover, Media is strengthening development in Pakistan. Media has given voice to neglected element of society. Also, Media has become entertainment industry; it satisfies all segments of our society.

Certain Negative Roles of Pakistani Media::

Certain Negative Roles of Pakistani Media: Consumerism: Our society is consuming all messages being spread by the Media. Media has made us a talking nation, the Mobile Mania-kids, ladies, youngsters all are just talking on the mobile phones. Moral Vacuum: The dramas, programmes etc. shown on media glamorize everything they depict, this has created a moral vacuum and our younger generation is going away of our values (religious, social). Westernization: Western / Indian cultural invasion has taken place through media and is permeating Pakistan society. Our commercials are depicting western values and causing a loss of national identity. Not Developing National Image: Our media at times uses Indian language; projects Indian stars in our ads, etc, the threats posed to our values are immense and must be countered. False Values: Pakistani Media is projecting false values in its programmes, etc. The projection of family planning, love stories in dramas, etc.

Brand Launch Catwalk Show:

Brand Launch Catwalk Show

Josh Live In Concert:

Josh Live In Concert

These people work to make you aware of what is happening around the world:

These people work to make you aware of what is happening around the world

Role of Pakistan State Media (Pakistan Television):

Role of Pakistan State Media (Pakistan Television) PTV was first established at Lahore on 26 Nov, 1964, with a view to enhancing education level in country. Initial broadcasts of PTV included educational contents. It was experimental phase and was working for national solidarity, Islamic values, patriotism “Patriotic National Content”. PTV promoted local heritage and always legitimized the sitting regime as a matter of its policy. Its role was to find out the local talent from different parts of country.


Radio Radio Pakistan played very important role in 1965 war. Audience of Radio is heterogeneous. The FM Radio has brought revolution in radio industry. Radio broadcasts religious programmes on eid / shab-e-barat / in Ramazan; Youth affairs are discussed on Radio Pakistan. Child and women programmes are broadcasted by Radio Pakistan. The target audience is identified and different timings / packages are determined for different audience availability. Programmes are arranged according to the psyche of audience. Radio attracts the audience because it has commercial aspects attached.

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Rural Development: Radio provides awareness to rural population on health, education, women, agriculture, programmes for benefits of formers etc. Publicity: Radio broadcasts public service programmes include health etc. Sports Programmes: Radio Pakistan provides coverage of sports activities; live coverage of matches. Dramatic Literature: Dramas and talk shows are broadcasted on Radio Pakistan. Science and Technology: Programmes on science and technology are also a part of Radio programmes. Politics: Radio Pakistan has played an important role in enhancing the political awareness of public, especially people of rural areas.

Print Media:

Print Media Newspapers are social / commercial phenomenon because they talk about social issue of concern and have extensive commercialism attached.

Current Print Media Situation:

Current Print Media Situation Pakistani print media has set to be free in publishing news and views under legal restrictions. The view of Pakistani current newspapers is totally changed relative to the papers a century ago. Proper headlines are nominated to make it easier to get an instant glance through over. Papers are regularly published on even daily bases and through proper channel are made available in every part of country. There is many a local newspaper being published from every corner of country. People get aware of current events and news on daily and weekly bases. Papers are systematically divided in sections and portions according to the type of events and news. A normal paper consists of at least 8 to 10 pages. For more entertainment and information point of view weekly, and monthly in some papers, magazine is introduced which carries interviews of celebrities, articles on current minor and major issues, stories, wisecracks, etc.

Interactive Media:

Interactive Media Interactive media , a type of collaborative media, refers to media that allows for active participation by the recipient, hence interactivity. Traditional information theory would describe interactive media as those media that establish two-way communication. In media theory, interactive media are discussed along their cultural implications. The field of human–computer interaction deals with aspects of interactivity and design in digital media.

How Mass Media is Reshaping Our Living Space:

How Mass Media is Reshaping Our Living Space Mass media in Pakistan has come a long way. From the early days of state controlled media. Today Pakistani media has started to exert itself and is well on its way to achieve a more meaningful and free status. Steffen Cohen in his book ‘The idea of Pakistan’ has acknowledged the fact that the media in today’s Pakistan is perhaps the freest in the region and many other parts of the world. While the struggle for a free media continues against odds, its effects in reshaping our society at large have already started to take shape. Network television reaches audience in the weekday evening. And the most people access around the clock. It obviously entertains us; and to advertise the products, in the area of information alone, mass media provides much careful reporting on a vast array of issues and events that are necessary to our lives every day. The action of our political leaders, the attitudes and opinions of people, the daily performance of stock market, health news, weather forecasts, sports. Infect we have come to know important information provided every day by mass media, and off course without which we could not exist as civilizes society in the twenty first century.

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