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Rajasthan Powergen is the leading distribution transformers manufacturer in India here giving short brief knowledge about distribution transformers. Have a look on this presentation…


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Rajasthan Powergen Transformer:

Rajasthan Powergen Transformer Powering the Nation….. ( An ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OHAS 18001:2007 certified company )

About Us:

About Us Established in the year 2011. An ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 Certified company. OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified Company. Leading Transformer Exporter in India


Infrastructure Total Area of Plot: 15000 sq. meter. Stores: 1000 sq. feet Testing Room: 300 sq. feet Workshop Area: 4000 sq. meter.



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SERVICES Commissioning of Transformer Annual Maintenance of Transformer Testing and Errection of Transformer

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1. Core Building 2. Oil Winding 3. Assembly 4. Oiling the Transformer

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5. Tank & Final Assembly 6. Tank Fabrication & Sand Blasting 7. Drying/ Ovening 8. Ready to Dispatch

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Distribution Transformers A transformer which provides final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system is known as distribution or service transformer. Basically it steps down or reduces the voltage to a level that can be used by the customer from that, in the voltage lines.

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Distribution transformer is the step down transformers which are used to bring down the voltage in the electric power distribution purpose. There are different varieties available among the distribution transformer, such as single phase transformer, three phase transformer, pole mounted transformer, pad mounted transformer and underground transformer.

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Types of Transformer: Single Phase Transformer 10kVA – 25kVA ( Cu / Al Wound ) Three Phase Distribution Transformer 10kVA – 2,500kVA ( Cu / Al Wound ) Furnace Transformer has various types of furnace design having necessary arrangements to suppress the harmonics. Heat Treatment Transformer are made such that they are suitable for heat-treatment applications with low voltage high current specifications

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Solar Transformer are used in solar powered generation facility and are a very important part of it. The transformers designed by us meet the stringent and specific technical requirements which are required in the solar parks in India. Our products have proven to be successful. Hermetically sealed transformer is the one in which no conservator is there. In this, the insulating dielectric fluid that is there in the tank is sealed completely and does not have any contact with the atmosphere.

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Why US? We are having industry’s latest infrastructure with proven competency to provide the energy efficient transformers that are able to cater the varying demands of the clients. Within the short span of our inception of 5 years from India’s well known testing agency, we have been able to positively type test 10+ ratings and this was possible on account of our design capability.

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