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Prepared by :- Rajasthan Powergen Transformer Pvt. Ltd. Distribution Transformer Manufacturer in India

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Rajasthan Powergen is the leading Distribution Transformer Manufacturing company in India that provide from 5 KVA single phases to 2000 KVA three phase distribution transformers at different voltage and frequency levels according to the standards prevailing in the various countries.

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Distribution Transformer   is an electrical isolation transformer used in electric power systems that can convert high voltage current to lower voltage levels . Power and distribution transformers normally have ratings less than 200 KVA. D istribution transformers are energized for 24 hours a day (even when they don't carry any load), reducing iron losses  has an important role in their design. 

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Winding machine for manufacturing of distribution transformer.. Transformer Winding

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Concentric Sandwich It is used for shell type transformer.. Spiral :- Use for low voltage winding.. Helical:- It is used for intermediate range of current.. Cross-over:- It is used for HV winding of small transformer.. Continuous disc:- Mechanically strong..

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Transformer tank Tube tank Corrugated tank Plain sheet steel tank Radiator tank

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The main reason behind success of Rajasthan Powergen in such a short span of time is the dedication of its employees towards work …. Rajasthan Powergen Transformer Pvt. Ltd.

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Karola – Bhinmal Road, Karola , Sanchore – 343041 Dist – Jalore , Rajasthan (India ) Telephone +91-2979-295566 Fax No +91-2979-284051 Email Id power@rajasthanpower.in Website www.rajasthanpower.in

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