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Controlling User Access:

Controlling User Access

Controlling User Access:

Controlling User Access Database administrator Users Username and password Privileges


Privileges Database security: System security Data security System privileges: Gaining access to the database Object privileges: Manipulating the content of the database objects

System Privileges:

System Privileges More than 100 privileges are available. The database administrator has high-level system privileges for tasks such as: Creating new users Removing users Removing tables Backing up tables

Creating Users:

Creating Users The DBA creates users by using the CREATE USER statement. CREATE USER scott IDENTIFIED BY tiger; User created. CREATE USER user IDENTIFIED BY password ;

User System Privileges:

User System Privileges Once a user is created, the DBA can grant specific system privileges to a user. GRANT privilege [, privilege ...] TO user;

Granting System Privileges:

Granting System Privileges The DBA can grant a user specific system privileges. GRANT create session, create table, create sequence, create view TO scott; Grant succeeded.

Changing Your Password:

Changing Your Password The DBA creates your user account and initializes your password. You can change your password by using the ALTER USER statement. ALTER USER scott IDENTIFIED BY lion; User altered.

Object Privileges:

Object Privileges Object privileges vary from object to object. An owner has all the privileges on the object. An owner can give specific privileges on that owner’s object. GRANT object_priv [( columns )] ON object TO user | [PUBLIC]

Granting Object Privileges:

Granting Object Privileges Grant query privileges on the EMPLOYEES table. Grant privileges to update specific columns to users and roles. GRANT select ON employees TO sue, rich; Grant succeeded. GRANT update (department_name, location_id) ON departments TO scott, manager; Grant succeeded.

How to Revoke Object Privileges:

How to Revoke Object Privileges You use the REVOKE statement to revoke privileges granted to other users. REVOKE {privilege [, privilege...]|ALL} ON object FROM user

Revoking Object Privileges:

Revoking Object Privileges As user Alice, revoke the SELECT and INSERT privileges given to user Scott on the DEPARTMENTS table. REVOKE select, insert ON departments FROM scott; Revoke succeeded.

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