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Global Warming : 

Global Warming The Issue and the Involvement Of a Major Politician, the Entertainment Community and a Very Capable and Hard Working Writer

He Is Devoted To Ecological and Social Issues and Wishes He Could Be With Us Today : 

2 He Is Devoted To Ecological and Social Issues and Wishes He Could Be With Us Today 2

The Film : 

The Film With wit, smarts and hope, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH brought home Gore's persuasive argument that we can no longer afford to view global warming as a political issue - rather, it is the biggest moral challenges facing our global civilization. Paramount Classics and Participant Productions presented a film directed by Davis Guggenheim. Featuring Al Gore, the film is produced by Laurie David, Lawrence Bender and Scott Z. Burns. Jeff Skoll and Davis Guggenheim are the executive producers and the co-producer is Leslie Chilcott.

The Four Key Questions : 

The Four Key Questions Is the world getting warmer? If so, can we agree that the actions of mankind are to blame for earth’s temperature increases? What can/should be done about these issues? Are the potential solutions worth the cost of implementing them?

Why A Film ? : 

5 Why A Film ? 5 • The rationale for turning Mr. Gore’s slide show into a movie was simple:  as a film it could reach millions of people whereas a slide presentation it would always be limited to the VP’s schedule.   • The exponential increase in reach was really what persuaded Al to allow us to film his lecture—and it is important to remember that Guggenheim, Burns, David et al pursued him and not the other way around.

This Is Scott BurnsCo-Producer : 

6 This Is Scott BurnsCo-Producer 6

Guggenheim The Director : 

7 Guggenheim The Director MOVIE FONE

His Personal Journey : 

His Personal Journey • As they began the film making process they (producers and director) realized that another dimension could be added to Al’s presentation of the case for global warming— his own personal journey and his reasons for taking on the issue.(Chapter 5).   • And so they built the film on two levels—a linear case for global warming — and on second level:  a connection between a person and an issue. (Chapter 1). 8 8

And so we built the film on two levels—a linear case for global warming . . .[Historic Los Angeles Temperatures] : 

And so we built the film on two levels—a linear case for global warming . . .[Historic Los Angeles Temperatures]

Keeping Science as The Rationale : 

10 Keeping Science as The Rationale CANDIDATE IN1980 10 The Al Gore we see when he speaks about global warming was far more passionate then the Al Gore we saw as a candidate in 1980… • However, his dedication to make a scientifically sound argument frustrated the film makers.  They tried to remove The following section from the film because it seemed to esoteric but Al was vehement about keeping it in. (Chapter 17)

AIT -- Wrapping Up : 

11 AIT -- Wrapping Up GROSSING DOCUMENTRY 11 • AIT is the 3rd largest grossing documentary of all time in America.   • It has become part of the science curriculum in numerous countries.   • Working for an annual re-release of the the DVD every year with updates in the science. • In the end we benefited from a number of things—Katrina, the re-emergence of Al Gore for the first time since his devastating defeat in 1980, and an aggressive ad campaign.

Are Solutions Worth It? : 

12 Are Solutions Worth It? DuPont cut its climate-warming pollution by seventy-two percent since 1990, slashing $3 billion from its energy bills. Wal-Mart installed new, energy-efficient light bulbs in refrigeration units saving $12 million a year, and skylights that cut utility bills by up to $70,000 per store. The company, with the nation's 2nd-largest corporate truck fleet, saved $22 million last year by installing auxiliary power units that allow drivers to operate electric systems without idling their vehicles. 12

Impact of A New Economy : 

13 Impact of A New Economy Developing a free market and a new energy economy will not only save the planet from overheating, it will create jobs in the process. For example, "We need to build a trillion solar panels," says McDonough, the award-winning architect. "There are four jobs installing solar panels for every manufacturing job in creating them. The Chinese can't capture those jobs, because the energy is inherently local. The Chinese can't steal our photons." 13

The Dilemma : 

14 The Dilemma SOLUTION TO THE DILEMMA 14 • When AIT was finished there was much debate about what solutions we could offer people.  What could we tell them to do.  This was interesting dilemma.   • As filmmakers you are not obligated to solve the problem, only illustrate it.  Furthermore, the real problem we were trying to solve was getting people to believe that global warming was really happening.

What’s Next . . . It’s Up To US : 

15 What’s Next . . . It’s Up To US ACKNOWLEDING THE PROBLEM 15 • The AIT battle was to remove doubt and attack the big campaigns that kept people from acknowledging the problem.   • The next battle will take more than a movie—it will take an unprecedented amount of change in government, industry, education, religion, and people’s personal choices. • THE SEQUEL TO AIT IS A MOVIE WE MUST ALL MAKE TOGETHER AND COSTA RICA -- AS WE SAY IN THE STATES, “GETS IT” - AND HAS A LEADERSHIP ROLE.

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