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Learn Docker and Kubernetes Online Training with 41 E-Learning Portal Videos. Devops Online Hub Providing best Online Training courses like Devops, Aws Admin, and Azure Admin & Docker & Kubernetes. Live Instructor Led Online Classes delivered by experts from the industry. Call us: +91 9676446666


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What is Docker Docker is a leading platorm for Containerizaton of the applicaton. Docker allows you to package all pieces of your applicaton into a single container so that your applicaton will run same everywhere without worrying about the environment dependency and complexites. DockerOnline is a tool that is designed to beneft both developers and system administrators making it a part of many DevOps. For developers it means that they can focus on writng code without worrying about the system that it will ultmately be running on. In a way Docker is a bit like a virtual machine. But unlike a virtual machine rather than creatng a whole virtual operatng system. It is a tool designed to make it easier to create deploy and run applicatons by using containers. Containers allow a developer to package up an applicaton with all of the parts it needs such as libraries and other dependencies and ship it all out as one package. Containers Vs Virtual Machine  Containers are an abstracton at the app layer that packages code and dependencies together.  Containers take up less space than VMs  Virtual machines VMs are an abstracton of physical hardware turning one server into many servers  Each VM includes a full copy of an operatng system. VMs can also be slow to boot

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Docker Advantages  Automaton of repettve and tedious deployment tasks.  Faster onboarding of new resource.  Faster shipment of new features and fxes without downtme.  Easy and real-tme scaling of applicaton.  Easy Distributon Share and Confguraton of applicatons.  High security out of the box.  Improve efciency of DevOps.  Modernize traditonal apps faster and without investng huge without going through complete SDLC. Docker Disadvantages  Beter performance than Virtual Machines but slower than Bare-Metal.  Isolaton and security are lesser as compared to the Virtual Machines.  Storing data such that it is available even afer the container is shut down is quite complicated.  Not all applicatons beneft from containers – Cannot be blindly adopted for each and every applicaton. For More Informaton About Docker Kubernetes Online Training Click Here Visit Our Site: Enquire Now Call Us: +91 9676446666

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