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The use of Media in Teaching and Leaning By: Kamaludin

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MEDIA Facilities, resources or tools to utter expression of art The line form that is used by people to produce massage or information Any components around the students that can convey massages that motivate the students to learn Any forms of communication whether printed or audio visual, as well as their instrumentation A means that transmit message from transmitter to receiver A means that enables human being to influence other people who do not have contact with him or her immediately DEFINITION

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INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA Instructional Media are those which only cover of which can be used effectively in the panned teaching leaning process (minor meaning) Instructional Media is not only covers complex electronic media but also the simple equipments such as photos, slides, pictures, made up media from teachers, real objects, and visiting outside the classroom (broaden meaning)

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INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA It constitutes an important aspect in methodology, as a realia in teaching. It is not only viewed of the sophisticated but it is mainly for the useful and meaningful function to help teachers and learners in improving teaching and learning process.


Goal/Objectives Flexibility Relevance Easiness Difference Interest Content Guidance Assessment CONSIDERATION IN CHOOSING MEDIA

Advantages of Using Media : 

Advantages of Using Media Lesson which is presented to be meaningful an clear for the students Teaching and leaning method are various The students become more creative to do various activities. To create an interesting learning atmosphere To solve limited space

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- Increase students motivation - Students develop based on their interest ans speed - Direct interaction with the environment -having the same experience - To create the same perception for a concept


TYPES OF INSTRUCTIONALMEDIA Two dimensional objects: picture, photos, chats, or diagram Three dimensional objects: artificial objects Projector Media: film, filmstrip, OHP, LCD Projector Mass Media/information: computer, internet. Environment

Reasons why to Use Media by Teachers : 

Reasons why to Use Media by Teachers When the lesson is difficult to understand There is limited reading resources at school Tiredness and limited time that teacher has Lack of students attention since the students get bored

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