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Acharya Bangalore B School: ABBS is Ranked among the Top business schools in Bangalore which provides best MBA /PGDM and Management Programmes in Bangalore. ABBS: Best MBA Colleges Bangalore | Top Business Schools in Bangalore | B schools


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10 Things you should do right now to focus and achieve your goals Nursing Colleges In Bangalore|Top B.Sc Nursing Colleges Best Nursing College in Bangalore recognized as one of the reputed Leading nursing colleges in BangaloreNursing admission opens for BSc MSc Nursing. 1. Have a good morning routine: Every morning is a new opportunity. If you have failed yesterday let it be. Learn from the mistakes and forget them. Have a good morning routine to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the day. Take sometime to envision your day and make a plan in your mind. Meditation helps with this. 2. Meditate The reason behind mentioning this as separate point is the fact that meditation has proven to be one of the best things you can do to calm yourself. It gives you the strength to think rationally. Keep it simple

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find a comfortable place to sit close your eyes concentrate on your breath and maintain a slow tempo certain thoughts will disturb you let them be and concentrate on your breath. 3. Prioritize your tasks There are are lot of things on your plate everyday sometimes there are emergencies. Be strong and take those tough decisions all by yourself. Even if you go wrong with a couple of decisions consider them as lessons learnt. 4. Stay away from disturbing relationships If you are in disturbing relationships that trouble you everyday. Its never late conclude them and move on. People around us influence our thoughts make sure you are in right company. Always look for deep and meaningful relationships. These kind of relationships will help you grow as a person. 5. Keep your external entertainment limited Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of content that is broadcasted and thrown at us in the form of promotions. Decide what you want to watch do it and get back to what you were doing. People spend too much time binge watching TV shows Comedy shows and browsing their Facebook news feed.Don’t get sucked in by such content it will leave your restless. Look for solutions online only when you are going to do it the next second. For example if you are planning to make something for dessert yourself don’t watch all the recipe videos and then forget about it. Search when you are all ready to cook.

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6. Learn to say “NO” Please hesitate you say “NO” to their peers in the fear of getting neglected the next time. If they are your real friends they will understand your priorities. Say “NO” whenever it is required don’t hesitate you will not miss anything great or interesting than your dream. 7. Practice good habits Good habits just don’t happen by thinking they need actions. Practice good things like meditation cleanliness and anything good for that matter. Our brains function in such a way that it gets used to repetitive action and become efficient with practice. Once you get used to them life becomes very simple and you can focus on other important things. 8. Adjust There will be situations where you have to bend and mend your ways. When your plans fail when something unusual happens in our life adjust with the surrounding environment. Micromanage things to get back to normal. 9. Keep some time aside for study/research everyday Make some for your goals in your day’s schedule be it your academic goals or a hobby. Spend that time only for study/research the things you want to do.Doing something with such focus will definitely increase your knowledge and efficiency in whatever you are doing. You can also use that time to think reflect and plan. 10. Stop worrying Life is short. Don’t waste your time worrying about things. Instead look for solutions develop that kind of thought process and practice it. Worrying not only wastes time and energy it also affects your mental health.Soooo... Hakunamata Things mentioned above might seem difficult but nothing great comes easy. Sincere efforts are always required and they always pay back. These 10 things will not only help you focus and achieve your goals but also improve your interpersonal relationships.

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