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B.F. Skinner : 

B.F. Skinner

Operating conditioning : 

Operating conditioning is the process of modifying behaviour through use of positive or negative consequences following specific behaviours. The consequence of behaviour are used to influence or shape behaviour through three stages : reinforcement, punishment and extinction. Operating conditioning

The starategies of Reinforcement, Punishment, Extinction : 

Reinforcement is used to enhance desirable behaviour, and punishment and extinction are used to dimish underable behaviour. Strategic reward system help motivate behavior action and accomplishment which advance the organization toward specific business goals. The starategies of Reinforcement, Punishment, Extinction

Reinforcement : 

Reinforcement is the attempt to develop or strengthen desirable behavior by either supporting positive consequence or withholding negative consequence. Reinforcement Reinforcement (desirable behavior) Punishment (undesirable behavior) Positive consequences Negative consequences

Punishment : 

Punishment is the attempt to eliminate or weaken undesirable behavior. The experiment of punishment may result in negative psychological, emotional, performance, or behavioral consequences. Punishment From an organizational point of view this result becomes important when the punished person translates negative psychological responses into negative actions.

Extinction : 

An alternative to punishing undesirable behavior is extinction- the attempt to weaken a behavior no consequences(either positive or negative) to it. Extinction

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