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Planning & Implementing Customer Relationship Management Project

5 Phases of CRM Implementation : 

5 Phases of CRM Implementation Develop the CRM strategy Build the CRM project foundations Specify needs & Select partner Implement the project Evaluate the performance

Phase 2: Build CRM foundations : 

Phase 2: Build CRM foundations Identify stakeholders Establish governance structures Identify change management needs Identify project management needs Identify critical success factors Develop risk management plan

Establish governance structures : 

Establish governance structures Clear governance structure establishes accountabilities, allocates resources, and makes decisions .

Figure : 


Governance Structure : 

Governance Structure Programme Director (PD) The responsibility : To ensure that project deliverables are achieved. Project costs are controlled. PD will be full time appointment.

Governance Structure : 

Governance Structure EXECUTIVE SPONSOR: The responsibilty: Commits real time to project and ensures that resources are made available.

Governance Structure : 

Governance Structure Programme Team: It is composed of representatives from major stakeholders namely: LEAD. Leads may have the responsibility of implementing the project successfully. The main responsibility of Lead is to ensure that right people are brought for specific project activities.

Governance Structure : 

Governance Structure CRM consultant. System Integrator: Responsibility: Aligning and combining system components such as people, process technology and data for the achievements of defined outcomes. Governance charts shows that the voice of the customer has to be heard in the project team

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