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What is a Company? : 

What is a Company? Company is a voluntary association or persons formed for the purpose of doing business & perpetual succession.

The Companies Act has the following features:- : 

The Companies Act has the following features:- Separate legal entity Incorporated body Artificial legal person Perpetual succession Limited liability Common seal Right to own property Right to sue Right to enter in to contracts Flexibility of investment Separation of control from the ownership

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the Companies Act, 1956 may be classified on various grounds as under: On the basis of membership pattern/size Companies Public Private

Private Limited Company : 

Private Limited Company Section 3(1) (iii) defines a private company as one which

Steps to set up a Pvt. Ltd. Company : 

Steps to set up a Pvt. Ltd. Company

Public Limited Company : 

Public Limited Company The Company defined under section 3(1)(iv) of the Companies Act, 1956 is a public company which-

Set up a Public Limited Company : 

Set up a Public Limited Company

Board Meetings : 

Board Meetings 1. Periodicity of the Board Meetings 2. Interval between two Board Meetings 3. Day of holding meeting 4. Time of holding Board meetings 5. Place for holding Board Meeting

Board meetings minutes : 

Board meetings minutes

Minutes -- Meaning : 

Minutes -- Meaning The term ‘minutes’ though not defined in the Companies Act, 1956, may be considered as a written record of proceedings of a meeting of any Company duly kept in pursuance of the law.

Procedures : 


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After complition of company formation procces You can run your company Succesfully…….. …Best of luck!

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Thank you! Given your valuable time…..

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