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We provide you with the best and affordable treatments with our GUM specialists near San Francisco at Raina Dental. Visit us to get further details.


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Dentures Specialists in San Francisco Dentures Dentistry Denture Instructions: It is sometimes difficult to get used to your newly placed dentures. They can feel bulky loose and awkward. In order to make your adjustment period smoother here are a few guidelines to follow: – Wear your dentures all the time after you first receive them. – Never use adhesives on your dentures unless instructed to by your doctor. – When you go to sleep remember to always remove your dentures. – Always brush your dentures after removal and store them in a bowl of water. You can soak your dentures in a denture cleaner as well but only after you have brushed them. – If you experience any sore spots looseness or discomfort please let your doctor know so they can help. Never try to adjust your dentures on your own each individual will have a different adjustment period and it will take time for you to become comfortable with your new teeth.

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Cast Partial Denture: Cast Partial Denture is removable appliances used to replace missing teeth. Cast Partials have metal hooks that grab onto the adjacent teeth for support and are tooth and tissue supported dentures. Immediate Denture: An Immediate Denture is designed to be placed in the mouth immediately after the extraction of your natural teeth. An Immediate Denture eliminates the embarrassment of having to go without teeth while the gums are healing. An immediate denture is designed to fit your mouth at the time impressions are taken however after a few months your gums will change drastically due to “bone resorption.” Bone and along with it the overlying gum tissue shrinks the most within the first year of having teeth extracted. Most patients will require relines within a few months to restore the fit of their dentures. Since an Immediate Denture covers over the surgical site and the tooth sockets it helps keep that tender surgical area from becoming irritated much as a bandage would. Do not remove your denture by yourself even for just a few minutes until your dentist tells you it is all right. The gum tissue underneath the denture has a tendency to swell. If you take the denture out for very long you may never get it back in again. Over Denture: Over denture fits on-top of natural teeth or dental implants. Many patients suffer with ill fitting and loose dentures that move or even fall out when speaking or eating. One way of solving this problem is to

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construct a denture that goes over and attaches to something underneath it. Keeping a few natural teeth or placing dental implants in the bone under the denture also helps keep the jaw bone healthy. This avoids much of the natural jaw bone loss often seen after teeth are removed. Traditional over dentures go over natural teeth. Implants supported over denture fits on top of dental implants. A retainer bar or retention balls are placed on the implants and special attachments are inserted into the denture to grab onto these devices. A new method using mini implant dentures is becoming increasingly popular. Mini implants are very thin long titanium implants that screw into the jaw bone. They can be placed and old dentures can often be retrofitted to the implant. Complete Denture: A full denture is a removable tooth replacement option for those who need all their teeth replaced. They can be crafted to provide the characteristics tooth shape and color the patient desires. Advances have been made in the materials used for dentures and in the way they are designed. If you already have dentures partial or full arch you may be experiencing a loose fit or denture slipping. This can lead to gum sores can affect your chewing and your speech and decrease your confidence when speaking and/or laughing with others. We can help restore your dentures to the correct fit.

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Precision Partials: A precision partial is held in place by a specifically shaped extension that locks into an area on a natural tooth that has been crowned. This ensures that the denture will not slip or come out when speaking or chewing. Snap In Denture: Low cost Dental implants California. Implants allow you to wear full dentures and partial dentures without fear that they will slip or fall out. A “snap-in” denture is an implant supported removable denture. The snap-in feature is available for upper or lower dentures. Having implant supported dentures allows for the base of the denture to be made much smaller and more comfortable. Implant supported dentures enhance chewing and speaking. Never again will you have to worry about your teeth falling out when you eat laugh or speak. You will regain chewing function and enjoy some forgotten foods.

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Temporary Partials: Temporary or interim appliances serve many useful purposes and are often an integral part of a prosthetic treatment plan. This simple appliance is excellent for temporary replacement of teeth while the patient is waiting for a permanent bridge a partial or implants. This removable interim partial or stay plate clear vacuum-formed material. The appliance simply snaps into place with hooks that wrap around natural teeth. Our dental office is dedicated to our patients and their comprehensive dental care. We have a team of experienced and dedicated dental staff in a very friendly office in the heart of Mill Valley. We strive towards a caring and trusting relationship with our patients. Our commitment to every patient is to provide the highest standard of personalized dental care. We are providing Dentures Specialists in San Francisco. We welcome you to visit us for your dental needs. For more details please contact us on: 415-383-2200 Visit us at:

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