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Karnataka is one of the cleanest cities in India and is a home to amazing picturesque waterfalls, temples, lush greenery all over. Check out this presentation to know more about Karnataka - http://bit.ly/1GcHPPJ


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Discover The T imeless B eauty of Karnataka Discover the timeless beauty of Karnataka


The Land of Fragrance The quintessential Karnataka, also known as the ‘Land of Fragrance’, is home to sandalwood trees and coffee beans plantations. Surrounded by the ‘Arabian Sea’, the magnificent rocks of the Deccan, and the plush green forests, it is blessed with spring-inspired flora and fauna. A place where the flamboyance of culture, flavours , landscapes, and ancient architectures are a testimony to its glorious past.


What makes Karnataka so special? From the beaches to the misty mountains, the ancient ruins to the tiger reserves, the languid rivers to the magnificent temples; Karnataka is a timeless beauty. With a history that endows centuries old heritage and great dynasties, this state holds true to its archetypal patterns of art and culture. Karnataka is also known for its significant contribution to the field of Classical and Indian Carnatic music. The most widely spoken language is called as ‘Kannada’.


There are several Karnataka tourism companies that offer a range of packages so that you can enjoy every aspect of this beautiful state. Remember to make the right selection so that all your travel needs are taken utmost care of. Bengaluru Titled as the ‘Silicon valley of India’, Bengaluru is the hub of the IT industry. One of the fastest growing cities in India; Bengaluru is the new face of the modern India. It is a second home to many students from all over the country. ‘Bangalore Palace’, ‘ Cubbon Park’, ‘Bull temple’ are some of the significant tourist places to visit. Lots of drinks, restaurants to eat, and shopping options are at disposal for a traveler who wishes to unwind the cosmopolitan-way.


Mysore ‘The Garden city’ is one of the most famous tourist destinations in South India. Mysore is known for its majestic heritage and enormous monuments. ‘The Mysore Palace’, located on the Mirza road, has been listed as one of the World Heritage sites attracting a plethora of tourists from around the world. It is also one of the flourishing centres in the manufacturing of incense sticks, premium silk, and sandalwood. ‘ Ashtang Yoga’ institute has become increasingly popular among yoga practitioners as one of the best places to learn yoga at.


Hampi It is a village located in the northern part of Karnataka. Hampi , holds a prestigious position among the top heritage sites in the world. An important religious centre that holds identity with some of the chapters described in the great ‘Ramayana’. ‘ Virupaksha ’ temple is the most visited place in Hampi . ‘ Virupapur Gadde ’, ahs become hangout place for all. The ruins of this anciently village is thronged by people every year for study, research, and sightseeing. ‘ Hampi Bazaar’ is a quaint market that fascinates a lot of tourists. This market is open all through the week.


Time to Visit The best time to visit Karnataka is around October so that you can witness the grand Dussehra celebrations or the month of December if sightseeing is at the top of your list. Cuisine When in Karnataka do not miss out on the famous ‘Mysore Dosa ’ that originally hails from the city of Mysore. How to reach? Air Transport With a number of options available in all modes of transport, Karnataka is accessible from all the locations. One can take a flight to any of the airports in Mysore, Hampi , Bangalore, Bijapur , Hubli , and Belgaum.


Bus Transport KSRTC, i.e. the Karnataka State Road Corporation, links Karnataka within and the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Railways Transport The railways network is on a wide expanse and also offers a convenient option of an interstate network of rails through which one can commute easily.


Places to Stay Karnataka has a wide range of options when it comes to accommodation. There are a number of hotels and resorts one can take abode in and enjoy the beauty of Karnataka. There are places to suit all your needs, be it luxury or within the budget. Here are a couple of options that can help you decide what matches your interests best:


Radisson Blu , Mysore Located in the vicinity of Mysore’s top attractions, Radisson Blu is well suited to accommodate at. With Chamundi Hills at the backdrop, a spectacular view of the Mysore Golf Race Course; the stunning set up of this hotel is the ideal place to holiday at. Apart from all the modern amenities, the travel concierge of the hotel also offers fishing trips, jungle safaris, and many more adventurous activities.


Vijayshree Resort, Hampi Set across a stretch of twenty acres of hill-fence, Vijayshree resort is located in Hampi . One of the unique features of this resort is that it is based on the philosophy of five elements, also known as ‘ Panch Boota ’ that comprises the sky, wind, water, fire, and earth. It allows you to spend your holidays in the ‘ Satvik way’ , i.e. without the presence of smoking and alcohol – indorsing a vegetarian diet.


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