How To Order Non Veg Food In Train

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How to Order Non- Veg Food in Train

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Pantry foods are cringe worthy and tasteless. You might have been very disappointed with your past experiences of non- veg foods in train. But, think no more as you can now  order non veg food in trains  too!

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Food ordering in trains has been made a lot easier. Here are some good choices you can opt for while ordering non- veg food in trains

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It might seem impossible for you, but starters served hot have now been made possible, straight at your berth. You can order these starters directly from .

Chicken Sticks:

Chicken Sticks

Mutton Sticks:

Mutton Sticks

Classic Chicken Soup:

Classic Chicken Soup

chicken dehaati:

chicken dehaati

afghani chicken:

afghani chicken

HyderabadI Briyani:

HyderabadI Briyani

Kebab with Green salad:

Kebab with Green salad

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