COVID19 Safety Tips for Train Travelers


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As Indian Railways started train operations travelers need to be extra cautious about COVID-19 infections. Here are major safety tips from COVID19 during train journey for traveler.


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COVID19 Safety Tips for Train Travelers:

COVID19 Safety Tips for Train Travelers

COVID-19: An Introduction:

COVID-19: An Introduction Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease. COVID19 spreads via droplets of infected breaths, coughs and sneeze. People who fall sick with COVID19 experienced mild to moderate symptoms of fever, dry cough, tiredness and aches & pains. 80% of the infected people recover without any special treatment.

COVID-19: Risk for Travellers:

COVID-19: Risk for Travellers India has largest population density in the world and around 8 billion/day people travel via Indian Railways. Research says that, transmission of COVID-19 virus is due to close contact(less than 6ft.). Older people and pre-existing medical patients are on highest risk for the virus.

CVOID-19: Ensure Safe Travel:

CVOID-19: Ensure Safe Travel

1. Avoid Infection-Laden Areas:

1. Avoid Infection-Laden Areas Avoid travelling to Infection-laden areas is the best way to protect against CoronaVirus (COVID-19).

2. Wash Hands Regular:

2. Wash Hands Regular A basic hygiene habit, washing your hands rigorously can curb the risk of infection spread. When you travel, you come in contact with a lot of places and things which can be a breeding house for germs. It is recommended that you wash your hands under lukewarm (or hot) water for a minimum of 20-30 seconds to kill germs.

3. Use Bottled Water:

3. Use Bottled Water Avoid consumption of water from any random source. Take sufficient own home filled water bottle or order bottled drinking water. Order from e-catering service during train journey or from authorized vendor.

4. Avoid Touching Eyes, Noise & Mouth:

4. Avoid Touching Eyes, Noise & Mouth Always use mask (3 layered) over your face. Avoid touching your eyes, noise and mouth especially with unwashed hands.

5. Avoid Food from Random Vendors:

5. Avoid Food from Random Vendors Avoid raw fruits and food from random sellers as they are highly prone to contaminations. Order food online in train  from e-catering FSSAI approved restaurants only which offer hygienic food with rich packaging.

Maintain Hygiene:

Maintain Hygiene Keep Social Distance Stay Safe


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