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From left: Bunny, Me, Allie, Hine. (Our Team at 2 months)


Creek creek I woke up in my basket in the creaky attic (AKA my home). I grew up in this attic with my three siblings and it has been my home since. My siblings woke up to hear the post man ringing the doorbell of the old, creaky house. The postman opened the door with a creek and put the news paper in the basket. As he walked off with the door still open, we were bursting with excitement.


We sprinted down the stairs like mad drivers. We pounded out the door way. We felt the cold, damp grass below our paws from the storm the night before. This was the first time we had ever seen the outside world before, this was the first time we had ever seen anything before. There was a huge blossoming tree just outside the house. We started running down the street as fast as our paws could take us. We turned right into what seemed to me looked like the main street, it was as wide as a football field. Then all of a sudden a glistening palace rose up ahead of me. There was a statue of a guard he was big, and looked weird with a big spongy hat.


We hadn’t peed in ages and this statue looked like a fire hydrant on a lonely street (the perfect place for a leek). I barked to my siblings “ gather round” we all walked to the statue with our bladders bursting, we lifted our legs up in unison. The yellow water steamed as it hit the statue on the shoe. When we finished the statue started to shake his leg! We squealed and panted through the big doors of the palace. Up the grand staircase we ran with our tails wagging, side by side after much running and a few short stops we reached the top.


We came to an oval door. It suddenly opened a tall handsome man in a fine costume stepped out and pushed us in. We walked up to a fine throne. The emperor told his butler they’re perfect for the race, lets train em Bobby.


5 years later: The icy blizzard scarred our skin as we pelted through the Alaskan plains in the worldwide major sled race. We were as cold as the actual ice, but we kept going, our driver ( the emperor) had trained us well. We were coming 3rd and nearing the finish. We could see the 2nd place sled in the distance we ran faster and faster again until we were neck and neck then we pelted past them! we could see the 1st place just ahead but we could see the finish line too the crowds cheering somehow, somehow we saw a tree with snow packed around it like a ramp we turned and sprinted as fast as our paws could take us we ran of the edge and sailed through the air we could see the finish race toward us we sailed over the tape landed perfectly and we won.

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