Types of Software Used for Businesses


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Business is a group of activities where production and delivery of goods and services are made to customers. It works as an organization where a group of people work together to achieve specific targets.


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Business is a group of activities where production and delivery of goods and services are made to customers. It works as an organization where a group of people work together to achieve specific targets. Organizations typically use many software tools for automating their business processes so that they can save time to manage other important work in business.


On What Basis a Software Should be Selected • By considering the size of the business. • Knowing the specific requirements of the business processes. • The core activities of the business that requires the automation.


Why Software is Needed for a Business? In this digital age performing the task with the accuracy and accountability has become a necessity to to deal with the competitors. And satisfying the needs of the client with a quality service is a major motive of any business. In order to deal with that, the usage of software is a must.Software helps in managing the business related process more effectively. It helps in business to put more focus on serving the clients with their quality product and services rather than focusing on construction of physical workplace, hiring employees, purchasing business equipment. To remove the cost and paper based work, desktop or web-based applications are required.


Types of Software Usually Used for Business Asset Management Software Asset management software is an integrated software which is used for property tracking, accounting and reporting needs. It improves the financial position by controlling cost, security risk and complexity in the business. Asset management software is helpful in increasing the productivity, saving cash and valuable time. Microsoft Access and Oracle PeopleSoft are widely used examples for asset management.


Business Invoicing/Billing Software Business invoicing software keeps track on time and billing process and helps in generating the invoices to the customers for rendered services and products. It also track the working hours of employees and the cost incurred on projects and clients. Billing or invoicing software is used in different areas like medical, legal, accounting, consulting firms, restaurants and hotels, etc. Microsoft Dynamic CRM and FreshBooks are some examples of business invoicing and billing software.


Database Software Database software helps in creating, extracting, querying, updating, storing and managing the information related to business activities. It can also be referred as Database Management System (DBMS). Commonly used database software are Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP.NET), SQL*Plus.


Desktop Publishing Programs Desktop publishing program gives a better experience and provides a professional look for creating and designing the magazine, newspapers, books, certificates, greeting cards, Web pages, posters etc. In other words, it is an attractive way of getting the colorful output with different special added features. Commonly used software for desktop publishing software/program are Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Acrobat.


Payroll Software Payroll software is typically used for salary processing. It helps to efficiently manage workforce compensation, and reduces the complexity and errors that usually happen in manual payroll processing. It keeps tracks of various elements that are related to payroll such as employee’s details, salary structure for a set of period, filing the taxes according to the salary structure etc. Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks are commonly used software for payroll process.


Word Processing Programs Word processing programs allow us to create, modify and print the information using word documents. It is a customized application which saves our time and provides the accuracy and enhancement for the documentation processing. With the basic knowledge of computer system one can easily work with word processing programs. Microsoft Word, Word Pad, (Google Docs, Sheets and Slides) are some examples of word processing programs.


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