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Types of steel


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Classification of steel:

Classification of steel Presented By:-Prof R.S. Pise 19/01/2016

A) On the basis of Carbon:

A) On the basis of Carbon 1) Low Carbon Steels (0.008-0.30% Carbon) 2) Medium Carbon Steel (0.30-0.60% Carbon) 3) High Carbon Steels (0.60-2% Carbon) 19/01/2016

1] Low Carbon Steel:

1] Low Carbon Steel Soft Ductile Malleable Tough Machinable Weldable Good for cold work Wires, Nails, Rivets, Screws, Panels Welding Rods, ship plates, boiler plate & tubes, fan blades Gears, valves, camshafts, crank shaft Connecting rods, railway axles Building bars, grills, beams angles & channels Properties Application 19/01/2016

2] Medium carbon steel:

2] Medium carbon steel Medium hard Not so ductile & malleable Medium tough Slightly difficult to machine, weld & harden Bolts, axles, lock washers Large forging dies, springs Wires, wheel spoke, hammers Rods, turbine rotors crank pins, cylinder liners Railway rails & railway tyres Properties Applications 19/01/2016

3] High carbon steel/ Tool steel:

3] High carbon steel/ Tool steel H ard & brittle Wear resistant Difficult to machine & weld Forging dies, punches Hammers, springs, clips Clutch discs, car bumpers, chisels, vice jaws, drills Leaf springs, music wires, knives, razor blades, files Balls & races of ball bearing, mandrels, reamers Properties Applications 19/01/2016

B) On the basis of alloying element & carbon:

B) On the basis of alloying element & carbon Carbon content 1] Low (<0.3%) 2] Medium (0.3-0.6%) 3] High (>0.6%) Total content of alloying element 1] Low (<10%) 2] High (>10%) 19/01/2016

C) On the basis of deoxidation:

C) On the basis of deoxidation Rimmed steels Killed steels Semi killed steels (Balanced steels) 19 January 2016

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