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WHAT IS PROSPERITY? Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and / or successful social status . Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes others factors which are independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as happiness and health .


PROSPERITY IN HUMAN CONCIOUSNESS To be prosperous is to know one’s soul. To create a prosperous society is to live in ways that help to heal our culture and our planet. It is a lifelong personal process, a fascinating adventure whose essence I refer to as natural harmony—the mutually beneficial reciprocity woven into the web of life that has allowed life on Earth to endure and evolve over billions of years.


MEANING OF TRUST Trust is what allows us to have meaningful relationships with other people; without it, we cannot converse without wondering whether the person speaks truthfully. You would be unable to believe what another is saying. I do think there are different levels of trust and that being skeptical of many others is wise. Without any trust at all, however, life becomes quite lonely.


LEVEL OF TRUST 1.“ rules-based” trust- This is the most fundamental, base level of trust in all relationships. Rule-based trust means that there are rules in place that prevent one person from taking advantage of, or harming another person. 2. knowledge-based trust- means that I’ve had enough experience with you and knowledge of your behavior that I have a pretty good idea of how you will react and behave in relationship with me. We’ve had enough interactions over time where there has been a consistent display of trustworthy behavior that I believe I can trust you with the everyday type issues we experience together. This is the level of trust that most of our day-to-day professional relationships experience.


Cntd …… 3. identity-based trust- This level of trust means that you know hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions, fears, and doubts. This level of trust is usually reserved for the most important people in our lives such as our spouse, children, family, and close friends. Yet with the proper boundaries in place, this level of trust can unlock higher levels of productivity, creativity, and performance in organizations

Trust in self:

Trust in self It as "self-confidence" while other dictionaries characterize it as "self-reliance" and " faith in one's self." All of these miss the precise mark to me. Cynthia Wall, author of The Courage to Trust, explains trust as a both a learnable skill, emotion and a choice to be made in each moment. Accepting this it appears both as a cerebral choice and emotional ability to develop trust. I believe self-trust is a learned skill to rely upon one's inner resources (i.e. emotional, mental and physical) to navigate the world.

Trust in other:

Trust in other 1. Look for the good. Having been hurt in the past people, tend to look for the bad in other people. Mistrust is hard to move past, but if you force yourself to find the good in people in general you will be able to find it in those closest to you . 2. Communicate with those you love. Talk openly with the people you want to be close to and trust. Be honest with your loved ones and they will be honest with you . 3 .Say goodbye to fear. The fear of being wronged in the future facilitates the mistrust you feel. Ignore the fears you are feeling about being abandoned, cheated, lied to and having your trust shattered. In order to trust others, you must foster a relationship devoid of fears due to what you have gone through in the past.

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4. Love yourself. By looking into your reasons for not being able to trust others, and replaying the events that led to your mistrust, you will be able to triumph over letting these things happen again. Pay close attention to your memories and list the characteristics of those who hurt you. Instead of projecting these characteristics onto every new person in your life, you will be able to find the trust-worthy qualities in them instead. 5 .Trust one person at a time. If you have been severely hurt by someone's actions in the past, it can be hard to trust others. Force yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and choose one person at a time to put your trust in. They may not all deserve your trust, but to stop trusting is to stop living and loving.

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6. Nurture trust. Take pride in the fact that people in your life trust you. It is an honor, and should be treated as such. If you actively nurture the trust you have been given you will see that others will return it. Trust others, and they will trust you.



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