Tips To Select Right Air Conditioner


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There are different factors while selecting the right air conditioner for your home such as size of the room, energy efficiency, air quality etc. To know more visit:


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Tips for Selecting the Right AC for your Home :

Tips for Selecting the Right AC for your Home


Energy efficiency Window AC or inverter split AC Capacity Inverter AC over Fixed-Speed AC


Air conditioners come with a star rated energy efficiency rating, abbreviated as the EER, which has been standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE ). On the basis of energy consumption, BEE rates air conditioners from 1 to 5. An AC with higher EEP indicates better energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency


Split AC are more expensive than Window AC. Split air conditioners are generally quieter than Window Acs. Window air conditioner comes in a single unit that comprises motor, compressor, connecting pipes, condenser and other components of air conditioning . Window AC or Inverter Split AC


According to an estimates, an area in the range of 120 ~140 Sq. ft. will require an AC unit of 1 ton, while an area in the range of 150 ~180 Sq. ft. area will ideally require an AC unit of 1.5 ton cooling capacity . Customers also need to consider the window size and the amount of light that comes in the room as these factors may also increase the temperature of the room. Capacity


Fixed-speed air conditioner consumes more electricity as its motor keeps restarting frequently . Inverter ACs consume relatively less power as their motor runs consistently on a constant speed. Inverter-equipped ACs are also known to have a better performance and longer life. Inverter AC over Fixed Speed AC


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